Briefs | ‘Golden ring’ on health code for fully vaccinated individuals


Individuals who are fully inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccine, regardless of the brand name or type, will receive a “golden ring” – as the health authorities refer to it – around their Macau Health Code 14 days after receiving their second dose. A line indicating that they are fully vaccinated will also be added below the code. The health authorities explained that the new measure is to add clarity. It is unclear whether individuals vaccinated outside of Macau will get the symbol as well.

Arrivals from Nanjing districts and airport must quarantine

From 2 p.m. yesterday, travellers who have visited certain districts in Nanjing within the 14 days before their arrival must observe a 14-day mandatory quarantine. On Tuesday, Nanjing announced that nine workers at the Nanjing Lukou International Airport tested positive for Covid-19. Consequently, anyone who visited the airport on or after July 14 and entered Macau after 6 a.m. yesterday must undergo medical observation as well.

Hotel reports controlled prostitution involving underage women

A hotel in Cotai has recently reported an act of controlled prostitution involving an underage woman. The case has since been solved by the Judiciary Police (PJ). The police discovered that the 43-year-old suspect arrived in Macau through the Border Gate with two women aged 17 and 35. They checked into the Cotai hotel and started wandering around. At the time of the arrest, the police seized 123 condoms and 307 marketing cards. The suspect has declined to cooperate with the investigation.

Health Bureau records case of carbon monoxide poisoning

At at 4 a.m. on Tuesday, a 27-year-old local female baker was baking bread in her work kitchen when she suddenly fainted. She was sent to the Kiang Wu Hospital by a friend and was diagnosed with carbon monoxide intoxication. Her blood carbon monoxide level was 18% and was hospitalized for hyperbaric treatment. Her coworker, who was working in the same kitchen, reported a headache which later subsided. The Health Bureau reminds the public to use fire and stove carefully to avoid poisoning.

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