Briefs | Gov’t sets up new award catalogs


The Talents Development Committee has set up two new award catalogs to encourage local talent in Macau to obtain more certifications. According to a statement released by the committee, the Talents Training Reward and Certification Program will have four catalogs in 2021. The new awards are the modern financial talent professional certification award and the information technology talent professional certification award.

Fines imposed for littering with construction waste

From January 17, failure to properly dispose of construction material waste will attract a fine between 50,000 patacas and 200,000 patacas. Waste that is smaller than 0.2 cubic meters will incur a fine of at least 600 patacas and up to 10,000 patacas, according to the regulation of public locations. The 2019 environmental report pointed out that the amount of construction waste rose by approximately 19% to 2.39 million cubic meters in 2019, indicating an upward trend in the past decade.

RML in Nov up 6.7%

The residential mortgage loans (RMLs) approved by local banks in November 2020 climbed by 6.7% month-to-month to reach MOP2.92 billion. New RMLs to residents increased 7.2% to MOP2.89 billion, amounting to 99.1% of the total. RML to non-Macau residents dropped by 28.1% to MOP25.1 million. Meanwhile, the new commercial real estate loans (CRELs) in November amounted to MOP1.85 billion, down 39.3% month-to-month, according to figures from the Monetary Authority of Macao.

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