Briefs | Guangdong’s plan for Foshan shortens distance to Macau

Guangdong province has drafted a 15-year plan to develop the railway transport system of Foshan. According to this plan, the future railway network will shorten the travel time between the city and Macau to one hour. San Longwan, Foshan’s most crowded district in terms of railway networks, is in the process of planning and building ten railway routes. Guangdong province expects San Longwan to be equipped with a railway transport hub that will shorten the travel time to Guangzhounan Station, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong to eight minutes, 40 minutes and 50 minutes, respectively.

Lawmaker demands further details on TNR statistics

Lawmaker Leong Sun Iok has demanded that the local government release more detailed statistics on the city’s non-resident workers (TNRs). In his recent interpellation to the local government, Leong criticized the Labour Affairs Bureau (DASL)’s current statistics on “TNRs” as being “broad, general, and fragmented.” “Particularly, the statistics lack information regarding the ratio of local to non-local workers in terms of occupation, position, ranking and salary. It is difficult for the society to watch the government’s movements in importing non-resident workers,” said Leong.

Another local elite demands third round of e-vouchers

Property developer, Kuan Vai Lam, has recommended that the administration authority consider launching another round of e-vouchers. He proposed that some changes should be made to e-voucher beneficiaries so that the money can help local SMEs. Kuan also urged the local government to strengthen its financial investment in its paid training programs, especially by targeting the sectors most crucial for Macau’s development.

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