Briefs | HK law to be used for Greater Bay contracts

The Hong Kong SAR government is seeking the mainland’s approval to use Hong Kong law to formulate contracts and conduct arbitrations within the Greater Bay Area (GBA), as reported by Singtao. The information was provided to the newspaper by the Secretary of Justice of Hong Kong, Teresa Cheng. Cheng also hopes that Hong Kong lawyers can make submissions or issue opinions on cases involving Hong Kong in courts in the Greater Bay Area.

Guangzhou bus card expected in SARs by 2022

Guangzhou plans to achieve the universal use of its Yang Cheng Tong (electronic ticketing) within all Greater Bay Area cities by 2022, according to a report by 21st Century Business Herald. Currently, the Yang Cheng Tong company is negotiating with Hong Kong and Macau over technical aspects regarding the use of Yang Cheng Tong in the SARs. As of March 21, the number of issued Yang Cheng Tong exceeds 88.6 million. A similar plan has also been made for Guangdong’s Lingnan Pass.

Firm claims begging can better train workers 

A company from Guangzhou has requested that its employees beg for cash on the streets as a work training exercise, according to mainland reports. The employees would hand in their mobile phones to the company and proceed to the streets empty-handed. The company also required its workers not to lie to strangers to attain the money. According to the company, such a practice aims at honing the survival and communication skills of its employees, and the amount of cash eventually collected is in fact not important. The company hopes that through these activities its workers will learn more about society.

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