Briefs | Hospital claims that it is not the source of wastewater leak

Recently, some neighboring residents of the Macau Public Hospital (CHCSJ) have expressed concerns over the possibility of a leakage in the sewage system in front of the hospital’s Emergency building. The Health Bureau issued a statement informing that the CHCSJ drainage network was verified and  no clogging on the hospital infrastructure was found. According to the bureau, the problem lies on the public sewage system which prompted the Bureau to inform the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of this for an urgent follow-up. The Health Bureau also added that the wastewater from the hospital is collected and treated primarily by the hospital’s own treatment system, arriving in the public sewage network in similar condition as any other domestic wastewater to ensure there is no possibility of any infection.

Academic research grants deadline set for May 31

The application deadline for the Cultural Affairs Bureau’s (IC) “Academic Research Grants” has been set for May 31. The Bureau is now calling for eligible academics to submit their applications, adding that late applications will not be considered. The research grants are awarded annually and aim to encourage original academic research on the culture of Macau and on the cultural exchange between the MSAR, mainland China and other countries. Local or overseas doctorate degree holders with proven academic research experience or recognized academic accomplishment are eligible to apply. Application for the grants is by submission of an application form to IC, in person or via mail, in addition to their curriculum vitae, research project plan and certified copies of certificates and academic transcripts.

More vocational training courses

Forty-two institutions offered vocational training courses in 2015, an increase of 11 institutions year-on-year. According to the information from the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC), a total of 1,508 courses were provided, up by 9 percent year-on-year. The total number of participants rose by 6 percent year-on-year to 55,841. Participants attending courses in computing and health increased by 1,519 and 858 respectively year-on-year, while those in tourism, gaming and events, and hotel/catering decreased by 612 and 594 respectively. The course completion rate was 87 percent, down by 1 percentage point year-on-year. Analyzed by course type, 34 percent of the participants (19,058) attended courses in Business & Administration, 13 percent (7,135) in language and another 13 percent (7,018) in computing.

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