Briefs | IAM plans to extend Taipa bicycle trail to Friendship Bridge


In response to lawmaker Lei Chan U’s recent written inquiry, José Tavares, president of the Executive Committee of the Municipal Affairs Bureau, has disclosed that the bureau has sourced design plans for the coastal leisure area and cycling trail that would extend the trail from Sai Van Bridge to Amizade Bridge. The design is expected to be concluded by mid-2021. The actual work should commence after the design’s completion and take place in two phases. Meanwhile, Tavares also disclosed that his bureau is considering the possibility of extending the trail to connect the cycling trail next to Broadway Macau.

A-Ma Culture and Tourism Festival’s parade to run at one-tenth scale

The organizing entity of the A-Ma Culture and Tourism Festival has recently disclosed that the parade section of the festival will remain this year amid the pandemic, but at one-tenth of its original scale. While last year’s festival saw 3,000 participants, this year will only see 300. The entity stressed that attendees will also be local residents. The parade will start at 3 p.m. this coming Sunday and will travel from Fai Chi Kei to Iao Hon Garden. Meanwhile, the main component of the festival, which involves a different parade across the city, will be postponed for a year to take place in October 2021.

Gov’t has no plan to centralize vehicle administration

The government, in its response to lawmaker Sulu Sou’s inquiry on the administration of government vehicles, has said that it has no plan to centralize their management. The government is administering a total of 2,028 public vehicles, but the management is conducted by different bureaus. The lawmaker submitted the inquiry to ask whether the government is willing to take unified control over the management of public vehicles to improve efficiency. The Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau added that it is working on digitizing government correspondence which, in the future, will help reduce the need for public vehicles delivering the correspondence to different bureaus.

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