Briefs | Macau records MOP659b in financial reserves


As of June this year, the city has recorded a total of MOP658.9 billion in financial reserves. Of this sum, the city has MOP309 billion in deposits and current accounts. It also holds bonds to the value of MOP180 billion. The amount in investments, meanwhile, totaled MOP169 billion. Macau also has approximately MOP1.6 billion in other assets. As for liabilities, the city has MOP3.7 billion in debt. In fiscal reserve capital, the city has MOP656.8 billion, of which MOP151 billion is in basic reserves and MOP494 billion is in surplus reserves. A surplus of MOP12 billion was recorded for this period.

140 realtor ‘cold-call’ numbers voided by owners

In response to lawmaker Leong Sun Iok’s written enquiry, the Consumer Council (CC), citing information from the Personal Data Protection Office, revealed that as of July this year, about 140 Macau cellphone numbers used in real estate marketing have been terminated by their owners. About 10 further phone numbers are the subject of complaints filed by members of the public have registrations on the mainland. Therefore authorities were conducting their investigations in communication with their counterparts on the mainland.

IC extends book loan period

The Macao Public Library is extending the book loan period during the closure of the public libraries. Therefore the members of the public do not have to hasten to return the materials to the public libraries, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) announced in a statement. Readers may also access free electronic resources on the Macao Public Library’s website. IC pledged that it will closely monitor the development of the pandemic, follow the relevant guidelines of the Health Bureau.

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