Briefs | Majority living in Iao Hon cluster buildings are not residents


The majority of the households in the seven Iao Hon cluster buildings are not occupied by Macau residents, according to the Macau Urban Renewal company’s latest survey. Last month, the company completed its 10-month-long survey on the buildings. Based on the statistics collected from a door-to-door investigation, the company was able to conclude that Macau residents occupy less than 30% of the houses. In total, the seven buildings comprise approximately 2,500 residential units and shops. The government company was able to contact nearly 50% of these house owners. By the first quarter of next year, the company will complete a final research report regarding these same buildings.

UM student dissuaded from suicide

A student from the University of Macau (UM) has attempted to end her life by jumping from a building on the UM campus. According to a report by the university’s student magazine, last week, a female student set out to commit suicide. She was eventually dissuaded by her boyfriend and by some firefighters. The school report said that the student had been diagnosed with depression and her classmates claimed that her student union leader had been regularly finding her troubled. The UM said that the school immediately contacted the student’s family and arranged a consultant to provide psychiatric help to the girl. The school did not disclose any more information about the case to issue further comments for the sake of the student’s privacy.

Civilian injured by falling construction material

A member of the public recently sustained injuries after being hit by falling construction materials while using a public facility managed by the government. The incident took place by the Hac Sá Reservoir. The victim was using a wash basin at the reservoir when a piece of the decorative surface suddenly fell from the structure. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) manages the facility. The department is seeking to pursue the contractor for liability. The IAM said that it has already set a perimeter around the accident scene and has already identified the washbasin contractor as responsible and requested that they check and fix the facility, in addition to submitting a report. The department also claimed that it would enhance its own quality control and that, because of this specific occurrence, it is now going to inspect all public facilities under its management.

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