Briefs | National Anthem Law draft to be concluded next month

The Secretary for Administration and Justice, Sonia Chan, said on Saturday that the Legal Affairs Bureau (DSAJ) is currently finalizing the legislative procedures of the “National Anthem Law”. According to Chan, such procedures should be completed before the end of January next year. The Secretary added, “the DSAJ has been in communication with other relevant government departments, such as the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture, Government Information Bureau and Protocol, Public Relations and External Affairs Office with the purpose to prepare in advance regarding issues that might arise in the application of such law in the MSAR.” She reaffirmed once more that the base principles of the law will be the ones from China’s National Anthem Law with the necessary adjustments in its application to Macau.

UM co-organizes conference on int’l law

Co-organized by the University of Macau (UM) and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), the UNCITRAL-UM Joint Conference 2017 will be held today and tomorrow at the World Trade Center Macau. Titled “Modernization of National Commercial Laws and the Role of Legal Harmonization in International Commerce”, the two-day conference will feature 40 experts from Australia, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Japan, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, according to a statement issued by UM. The scholars will discuss different contemporary and emerging issues in the areas of international trade law and commercial law. The conference will be conducted in English.

Taivex/Malo Day Hospital to be evicted from Venetian Macao

On Saturday, Sands China confirmed that Taivex/Malo Day Hospital will be closed permanently and asked to move out of its Venetian Macao premises, following the suspension of its license by Macau’s Health Bureau on the back of suspected illegal medical operations. The decision is likely to mean that Malo Clinic, which shares a license with the hospital, will also be forced to relocate. According to public broadcaster TDM, Sands China said it was taking preemptive measures after learning of the license suspension, in order to show its “commitment to the highest standards.” The Taivex/Malo Day Hospital is expected to receive an eviction notice from The Venetian Macao shortly, after which it will have 40 days to leave the premises. The founder of the Malo Clinic Group told TDM that he was not aware of any eviction notice as of the weekend.

Queensland Youth Symphony finishes Macau leg of tour

The Queensland Youth Symphony recently performed three concerts in Macau, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The concerts are part of the 95-member orchestra’s 13th international tour since 1972, and were their first ever performances in Macau and Shenzhen. The orchestra collaborated with local youth orchestras for joint rehearsals and performances during this leg of the tour, including the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra. The band’s performances were led by John Curro, the 85-year old Italian-born Australian conductor who founded the Queensland Youth Symphony. The orchestra performs a series of annual concerts focusing on late 19th- and 20th-century works, as well as pieces by contemporary Australian composers.

Albergue to hold ink, ceramic exhibition

To celebrate the 18th anniversary of Macau’s handover to China, Albergue SCM will present “Exhibition by Zuo Zheng Yao” on December 13. The exhibition will showcase 49 ink and ceramic works, according to a press release by Albergue SCM. Hubei-born Zuo Zheng Yao is currently a professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, as well a member of the Ceramic Art Commission of China Artists Association. According to Albergue SCM, the exhibition aims to introduce Zuo’s art to the public to foster cultural exchange between Macau and mainland China.

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