Briefs | Political commissar leaves Macau

Zhou Wugang, political commissar of the Macau garrison of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, has been promoted to a position at China’s Eastern Theater Command. Before leaving Macau, Wu paid a special visit to Chief Executive (CE) Chui Sai On and former CE Edmund Ho. Chui commended Zhou’s efforts in adhering to the policy of one country, two systems. Chui said that the garrison had played an important role in assisting in rescue operations following typhoon disasters, and through its extensive participation in the public welfare activities.  The position of commissar is temporarily vacant after Zhou’s leave.

Jaywalking cases rise rapidly

A total of 619 jaywalkers were ticketed in the first quarter of 2019, according to the Public Security Police (PSP). This figure already exceeds the total number of cases recorded in the first half of 2018, during which time the police ticketed 580 jaywalkers.

Between January and March, the police authority also prosecuted 418 drivers who failed to give priority to pedestrians to pass first. According to Macau’s law, jaywalkers may be subjected to a total fine of MOP300.

IC lends art and cultural spaces under new scheme

In response to the community’s demand for arts and cultural spaces, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) has launched a scheme to open up more arts and cultural spaces to the public for local clubs and individuals to rent upon application. There are 10 arts and cultural spaces in the first phase, which can cover functions including rehearsals and exhibitions. These spaces are located in the Macau Conservatory, Macao Contemporary Art Center, Macau Museum of Art, Macau Museum, Handover Gifts Museum of Macau, Macau Fort Corridor, underground exhibition hall at Kun Iam Statue, and Yao Tsung-I Academy. All facilities are currently open to applications.

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