Briefs | Regional cooperation needed for telemarketing crackdown

The Office for Personal Data Protection (GPDP) wants to work more closely with other regions to combat illicit telemarketing tactics. In the GPDP’s reply to lawmaker Sulu Sou’s earlier interpellation, the office stated that it had difficulties in terms of cross-boundary law enforcement when cracking down on telemarketing tactics. The GPDP will enhance communications with other regions in order to draft a feasible plan for cross-border law enforcement. Currently, the GPDP has one hotline receiving residents’ reports concerning personal data. The office disagreed with Sulu Sou, who criticized the reporting procedure as inconvenient. The office said that no abnormalities have appeared with the GPDP’s current reporting mechanism.

Lawmaker wants government school of administration

Lawmaker Lei Chan U has once again proposed that the local government establish a government school of administration, with the purpose of training civil servants. Lei wrote to the local government asking about training for civil servants. He argued that Macau’s current civil servant training system and methods were not able to meet society’s demands in terms of public services. The lawmaker revived his old idea of establishing a government school of administration to train civil servants. He had previously made this suggestion in 2017, before he was a lawmaker. He asked whether the current government would consider establishing such a school and start looking for educators. Mainland China has its equivalent, the China National School of Administration, also called the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China.

DSPA highlights results in electronics’ recycling

The Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) said it has recorded positive results in the latest electronics recycling program. The local government began implementing a new recycling program from January 1 for more types of electronics and electrical devices, including refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, television sets and computers. It has also been providing free door-to-door recycling collection services. As of yesterday, a total of 572 items have been recycled by the DSPA. The bureau also received 147 appointments for recycling collections services. More than 350 buildings have signed up for the building recycling scheme. The DSPA believes that the number will continue to increase in future.

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