Briefs | Special inspection for delta bridge ahead of Xi’s arrival

Zhuhai’s security department has started a special security inspection at the eastern artificial island of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZMB), according to an announcement released by Zhuhai’s security department. The special inspection will last until December 20. Among the three artificial islands that support the HKZMB, the eastern artificial island is the one nearest to the HKZMB Hong Kong port.  Previously, Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak indicated that Chinese President Xi Jinping would visit Macau to mark the 20th anniversary of the Macau handover. According to the statement released by Zhuhai’s security department, the special inspection is intended to ensure a good social environment on the bridge for the celebration of handover anniversary.   

Wanzai port to open in early 2020

The Zhuhai government is expecting to see the Wanzai port reopen in early 2020. Yesterday, Party Secretary of Zhuhai city Guo Yonghang said that the Wanzai port is going through reconstruction works and will reopen before the Spring Festival of 2020. Wanzai port, which opened in 1984, is one of the two longest-operating ports of Zhuhai. Since January 17, 2016, Wanzai port has been closed. According to Guo, the Zhuhai government is waiting for the Central Government’s approval to open the Hengqin port. Once the approval is granted and the Macau SAR government has established the laws related to the port, the new Hengqin port will be opened.

1,500 Macau single-plated cars permitted to enter Hengqin

As of today, the administration in Hengqin has given permission for 1,500 Macau cars to enter the Zhuhai territory, according to the Administrative Committee of Hengqin New Area. These cars are single-plated Macau cars. Starting from December 20, the Hengqin administration is giving permission to single-plated Macau cars to enter Hengqin. The Hengqin administration established the measure in the hopes of attracting Macau residents to invest, work and live in Hengqin. Earlier this year, the Macau Affairs Bureau of Hengqin conducted an online survey to gather Macau residents’ opinions on Macau single-plated cars entering Hengqin. The bureau received a total of 500 valid surveys. However, no details concerning the survey have been released as of today.

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