Briefs | Too many teachers for non-tertiary education


The supply of teachers for non-tertiary education exceeds demand, according to a statement released by the Talents Development Committee (SCDT). By the end of March, the committee collected statistics from the Higher Education Bureau and the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau regarding teaching personnel supply. In April, the SCDT sent out questionnaires to 78 non-tertiary schools asking about their demand for teaching professionals for the academic year of 2022-2023. The SCDT concluded that the number of graduates with a degree in education or in another major is higher than the schools’ demand for teachers. The gap between supply and demand is smaller in regards to primary education. Early childhood education, secondary education and special education will show varying degrees of saturation in the next three years in terms of demand for teachers.

Housing prices climb higher in second quarter

The overall residential property price index for the three-month period starting in April increased by 0.6% from the previous period starting in March. It now stands at 266.2, according to information disclosed over the weekend by the Statistics and Census Service. The indexes for the Macau Peninsula (266.7) and for Taipa and Coloane (264.2) both rose by 0.6%. Analyzed by quarter, the overall residential property price index in the second quarter of 2020 grew by 0.8% from the first quarter. The index for existing residential units rose by 0.7% whereas that for pre-sale residential units fell by 1.0%.

Old buildings near St Paul’s demolished for public safety

The 13 houses distinguished by their grey brick structure located on Patio da Eterna Felicidade, an alleyway on the road from the Ruins of St Paul’s to St Anthony’s Church, have been demolished for public safety reasons, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) has stated. Last year, the structures were handed over to the government, which decided to conduct a complete reconstruction. That decision was met with public objection. The IC has recently explained that two of the structures were in poor condition, having undergone land degradation and foundational subsidence. Cracks and corrosion were also discovered on crucial parts. The IC described the rejuvenation project as essential because the houses form a rare staircase-style village that remains in the city.

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