Briefs | Two sisters suspected of virtual investment scam

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has accused two sisters of orchestrating investment scams, revealing details of the case to the media yesterday. The two suspects are both Macau residents, aged 55 years old and 62 years old, respectively. The police authority first received reports of a series of suspicious investment scams in March. The self-identified victims claimed that the two sisters had convinced them to invest in real estate development projects in Malaysia. The two suspects had claimed to represent the agency behind the alleged investment projects and said they could guarantee a return rate of 320% in one to two years. At least seven people claimed to have fallen victim to the scam, with total losses of nearly 3.7 million patacas. The sisters stated that the money had already been transferred to Malaysia for investment purposes.

Money exchange gangs resurface

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has remanded seven money exchange gangs and handed them over to the Public Security Police Force (PSP), according to a statement released by the PJ yesterday. On the afternoon of October 7, the PJ dispatched 14 crime investigators to local communities, focused on Cotai casinos. During the PJ’s operation, investigators intercepted and inspected 63 people, consisting of 45 men and 18 women. After police officers ran a background check, seven of the above-mentioned people, who were all men from mainland China, were carrying out illicit money exchange activities in the city. These seven men were taken back to the PJ police station for further investigation and were eventually remanded and handed over to the PSP’s immigration department.

First Macau patrol of Hengqin voluntary police on duty

The first Macau patrol of Hengqin’s voluntary police department commenced their duties in the mainland city on the National Day Holiday. The patrol consists of 17 Macau residents whose duties have included inspecting Hengqin’s tourism areas. Their duties are similar to those of Macau’s tourism police officers, which generally consist of maintaining order and answering tourists’ questions. The Hengqin police department called for volunteers to join the Macau patrol in August. All volunteers must be Macau residents. According to a report by Macao Daily News, these 17 people “love Macau and love the country.” They were selected from “high quality” Macau residents, including lawyers, executives, teachers, and university postgraduate students.

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