SOUTH CHINA SEA | US sends Beijing signal with F-35-laden warship in disputed sea

The U.S. sent a fighter- jet-carrying warship to join drills near the disputed Scarborough Shoal for the first time, sending a pointed message to China as

Attorney: Mar-a-Lago infiltrator had hidden-camera detector

A Chinese woman recently arrested at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club lied repeatedly to Secret Service agents while carrying computer malware unlike anything a government analyst had ever

Diplomacy | Prime minister to discuss trade with EU leaders

China’s prime minister is set to meet top European Union officials to discuss thorny issues including better access for European companies to Chinese markets and security concerns

Big plans for Sichuan’s favorite cooking oil

China has big plans for its rapeseed bounty in Sichuan. Levering off its famed cuisine, the top producing province wants to harvest more of the oilseed for

UniCredit’s employee allegedly embezzled USD15 million

A UniCredit SpA employee in China allegedly siphoned off about 100 million yuan of clients’ money over three years by taking advantage of shared passwords and other internal

Australian security adviser told writer not to fly to China

A security adviser to an Australian prime minister said he warned a Chinese-Australian writer not to travel to China before the blogger and critic of China’s Communist Party

Gov’t, North Korea open new border crossing despite sanctions

China and North Korea opened a new border crossing over the Yalu River, signaling aspirations for deeper economic ties between the neighbors even as Pyongyang’s trade

Real Estate | Cooling property market boosted as ‛hukou’ hurdles eased

China’s latest step to encourage 100 million rural citizens to move to cities may provide a timely boost to a slowing property market. Cities with an

Parent of appliance maker plans USD6.4b stake sale

The parent company of Gree Electric Appliances Inc. is considering selling almost all of its stake in the Zhuhai-based Chinese appliance giant in a deal that could be worth

South China Sea | Duterte: few options in territorial disputes with Beijing

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has described his dilemma in dealing with a more powerful China in territorial disputes in the South China Sea, saying he has

US-China to keep working on trade deal as latest talks wind up

China and the U.S. made progress toward a much-anticipated trade deal in their latest meetings and will keep talking on the remaining issues, the state-run Xinhua news

PGA Tour | Player dies in hotel room, fourth round of tournament canceled

Officials at the Sanya Championship said yesterday that 28-year-old Malaysian golfer Arie Irawan died in his hotel room from “apparent natural causes,” and the PGA Tour Series-China

Djibouti’s rising debts to expansionist China worry US, France

Inside the carriages on the 10-hour rail journey through land-locked Ethiopia into the tiny Red Sea state of Djibouti, the chirping of mobile phones mingles with a

Trade dispute | Chinese quitting canola addiction has Canadian farmers sweating

After getting China hooked on canola, Canadian growers of the oilseed are reeling from the Asian giant’s decision to cut imports. They’re standing pat, though, on

Beijing has a problem with fake money: it looks too real to burn

China’s central bank had an odd warning yesterday: Please don’t burn fake yuan notes. Today, millions of Chinese will celebrate Qingming Festival, the tomb-sweeping holiday, holding

The Australian store where everything sold is sent to China

At an Australia Post store in northern Sydney, there are almost no signs in English, the staff all speak Mandarin and anything bought there must be

Gov’t bars human rights lawyer from US State Dept. program

A prominent Chinese human rights lawyer said he was blocked on vague national security grounds from leaving the country to participate in a U.S. State Department-sponsored studies program.

Duterte calls china a friend amid South China Sea tensions

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is maintaining a friendly tone toward China, even after defense officials raised concerns over an increased Chinese presence around a disputed island in

CORRUPTION | Beijing formally arrests Xinjiang ex-governor in bribery case

The former governor of the restive Xinjiang region has been formally arrested on accusations of taking bribes following a monthslong investigation, the government said yesterday, showing no

Woman arrested for unauthorized entry at Mar-a-Lago

A woman carrying two Chinese passports illegally entered President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, Saturday and lied to a Secret Service agent, according to

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