Beijing wary of closer US-N. Korea ties

The outcome of the Singapore summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was good news for one absent but key player:

New US Taiwan Office prompts questions over who’ll lead it

The precarious balance Taiwanese President Tsai Ing- wen must navigate between a more assertive China and the uncertainty of American policy was in focus yesterday

Slain Chinese girl’s family wants longer sentence for killer

The family of a Chinese college student gunned down in a road rage incident in Arizona is pleading with a judge to reject an agreement lowering charges

Next up in clean-air push is a gas pipeline behemoth

China’s push to eradicate smog by using more natural gas is set to get a boost as it pushes ahead with a plan to merge under

Auto sales rise 7.9 percent in May as electrics surge

China’s auto sales rose 7.9 percent in May from a year earlier as purchases of electric and gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles more than doubled to 102,000, an industry

Hong Kong sentences activist Leung to six years in prison

A Hong Kong court sentenced activist Edward Leung to six years in prison yesterday for his part in a violent nightlong clash with police over illegal street food hawkers

Philippines says Chinese seizures of fish catch unacceptable

The Philippine president’s office yesterday called Chinese seizures of fish caught by Philippine fishing boats near a disputed shoal unacceptable, and presented three fishermen who described their

Analysis | Why rich China should stop pretending it’s poor

Almost any foreign official, businessman or journalist visiting Beijing has heard the mantra that China can’t be expected to open up its markets or meet more stringent international

China, Russia cementing rising Eastern bloc

As U.S. President Donald Trump left the Group of Seven nations in turmoil this weekend, China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin were putting on

Xi, Modi hold bilateral talks, agree to improve ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed to continue improving ties between Asia’s most populous countries in a bilateral meeting on

Massive trade surplus shrinks, just not with the US

China’s massive trade surplus with the world shrank in May. Unfortunately for the ongoing tensions with President Donald Trump, the surplus with the U.S didn’t.

Anti-dumping duties imposed on Brazil chicken products

China plans to impose anti-dumping duties on purchases of broiler-chicken products from Brazil, the country’s top supplier, citing a 10-month investigation that said surging

US Embassy in China sends new alert for mystery health issue

The U.S. Embassy in China sent its second alert in two weeks Friday to its citizens over unexplained health issues that have prompted the evacuation of

Opinion | HK developers have a shiny new plaything

Hong Kong developers have a shiny new target in their sights: China’s office market. And while the prices they’re paying may be breaking records, the prospects for

Mystery ailment leads US to evacuate more workers from China

The United States has evacuated several more government workers out of the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou after medical testing revealed they might have been affected

Houtouwan | An abandoned village now engulfed by nature

Blanketed with greenery, the ghost town is perched atop cliffs looking west into sea mists obscuring the horizon. Abandoned homes ravaged by weather and creeping

China-Russia | Putin heads to Beijing to bolster ties as US pressure grows

Russia and China have responded to the U.S. national security strategy describing them as America’s top adversaries by vowing to further expand their economic, political and

Australia says wine delays at Chinese ports are ‘irritation’

Australia’s trade minister said yesterday that weeks of delays at Chinese ports of Australian wine exports were an “irritation” in a bilateral trade relationship that was thriving

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