China Daily | Diplomacy consolidates role as stabilizer

  In less than a week, foreign ministers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and the Republic of Korea touched down in Beijing and held talks with State Councilor and Foreign

Eating our lunch | Biden points to China in development push

Pushing for trillions of dollars in development spending, President Joe Biden and Democratic lawmakers are directing Americans’ eyes to the rear-view mirror, pointing to a booming, ambitious China they say

China cautions Japan as it speaks up before Biden, Suga meet

China’s foreign minister cautioned Japan against teaming up with the U.S. to counter Beijing, as Japan speaks up more on human rights in China’s Xinjiang region ahead of a U.S.-Japan

Strait Tensions | PLA navy holds aircraft carrier drills in waters near Taiwan

China is holding naval drills involving an aircraft carrier battlegroup near Taiwan it says are aimed at safeguarding Chinese sovereignty, an apparent reference to Beijing’s claim to the self-governed island. The

China Daily | Origins of political virus put in spotlight by report

  It is no surprise those in the West who hoped to find evidence of guilt in the findings have felt disappointed about the World Health Organization report on its joint

Analysis | Hong Kong tycoons emerge as losers from Xi’s election revamp

When China regained control of Hong Kong more than two decades ago, the Communist Party entrusted the city’s wealthiest tycoons with enormous influence over local politics. This week President Xi Jinping

Press | Beijing takes aim at ‘illegal’ club for foreign correspondents

China slammed a foreign correspondents’ club in the country as an “illegal organization” in a move that broadens its attack on journalists whose reports differ from the government’s official line. The

Hong Kong | Seven democracy leaders convicted as China clamps down

Seven of Hong Kong’s leading pro-democracy advocates, including a media tycoon and an 82-year-old veteran of the movement, were convicted yesterday for organizing and participating in a march during massive

China foreign minister in talks with SE Asian counterparts

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is meeting with counterparts from four Southeast Asian countries this week as Beijing seeks to expand its influence in the region amid a sharp downturn

Report: Chinese loan terms hamper post-virus debt talks

China’s loans to poor countries in Africa and Asia impose unusual secrecy and repayment terms that are hurting their ability to renegotiate debts after the pandemic, a group of U.S.

BBC correspondent leaves China amid safety concerns

A veteran BBC correspondent whose coverage angered China has left the country amid concerns for his safety, the BBC and a journalist organization said. The BBC said yesterday that John Sudworth

South China Sea | Philippines hits China on vessels swarming six islands, reefs

The Philippine government said yesterday that more than 250 Chinese vessels it believes are manned by militia have been spotted near six Manila-claimed islands and reefs in the disputed South

YouTube refuses to remove anti-Asian song, drawing staff ire

YouTube’s refusal to remove a song some employees find racist to people of Asian origin has caused a fracas inside the company, the latest clash in a growing national debate

Economy | Vaccination plan could lift GDP growth to 9.3%

China’s ambitious plan to vaccinate 40% of its population by the end of June could pave the way for lifting the economy’s growth rate to 9.3% this year, Oxford Economics forecast. Business confidence

Strait tensions | Palau president visits Taiwan despite Chinese pressure

The president of the Pacific island nation of Palau was visiting Taiwan yesterday along with the U.S. ambassador to his country, a show of solidarity as China increases diplomatic, economic

Thailand sees Chinese leading tourists to Phuket after reopening

Thailand expects about two million foreign tourists, mostly Chinese and Europeans, to visit Phuket this year after the nation’s most popular resort island reopens to vaccinated visitors from July 1. The holidaymakers may

China Daily | Hyping lies about Xinjiang will always exact a price

  China will not stir up trouble, but it is not afraid of trouble either. That was the unequivocal message Beijing conveyed to the world last week. Showing that it refuses to

Exclusive: WHO report says animals likely source of Covid

A joint WHO-China study on the origins of COVID-19 says that transmission of the virus from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely scenario and that a

China sanctions US, Canadian officials over Xinjiang

China announced new sanctions against U.S. and Canadian officials in a growing political and economic feud over its policies in the traditionally Muslim region of Xinjiang. A statement from the Foreign

Two in Seattle, San Francisco face anti-Asian hate charges

Prosecutors in Seattle and San Francisco have charged men with hate crimes in separate incidents that authorities say targeted people of Asian descent amid a wave of high-profile and sometimes

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