Military drills | Taiwan lands aircraft on highway as part of drill

Taiwan landed war planes on a normally busy highway yesterday to simulate a response to a Chinese attack on its airfields, part of annual drills designed

Chinese tourism to US drops for first time in 15 years

After more than a decade of rapid growth, Chinese travel to the U.S. is falling. And that has cities, malls and other tourist spots scrambling

State TV carries Daily Show spot on Huawei lead in 5G

China has deployed an unlikely voice in its trade war with the U.S.: Trevor Noah of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. A brief clip

Tariff war | US ‘not ready’ to make a trade deal with China, Trump says

The U.S. isn’t ready to make a trade deal with China, President Donald Trump said while on a state visit to Japan. “I think they

Regulator warns traders of ‘huge loss’ if they short the yuan

  China advised traders against shorting the yuan, after a recent slide took the currency to the brink of the critical 7 per dollar level.  Guo Shuqing,

Beijing ramps up war of rhetoric in trade standoff with US

Stepping up Beijing’s propaganda offensive in the tariffs standoff with Washington, Chinese state media on Friday accused the U.S. of seeking to “colonize global business”

Taiwanese same-sex couples wed at vibrant banquet

More than 1,000 people attended a mass wedding banquet in Taiwan’s capital to celebrate the marriage of same-sex couples after a landmark decision legalizing the unions. Taiwan

US ambassador raises concerns during rare Tibet visit

The U.S. ambassador to China urged Beijing to engage in substantive dialogue with exiled Tibetan Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama during a visit to the Himalayan region

Xi seeks global cooperation on technology after Huawei blocked

Countries should cooperate in developing the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, China President Xi Jinping said in a letter to the China International Big Data

Germany probes Chinese reporters for snooping around military

Germany’s military is investigating what information three Chinese reporters collected while Chancellor Angela Merkel visited a NATO unit, signaling heightened mistrust of the state-run Xinhua news

Gov’t seeks Asian neighbors’ support in trade fight with US

China is seeking support from Russia and from its Central Asian neighbors in its escalating tariff fight with the U.S., while also stepping up protests against

Two US warships sail through Taiwan Strait, draw China protest

Two U.S. warships have sailed through the Taiwan Strait in an apparent show of support for the government of the self-ruled island, which China claims as its

Chinese man guilty of defrauding Apple out of 1,500 iPhones

Over the span of two years, a Chinese national in Oregon sent devices that looked like iPhones to Apple, saying they wouldn’t turn on and should

Opinion | Kicked in the Teeth by the British

When it comes to 5G-enabled smartphones, Britain is a pretty decent bellwether: It’s one of just five countries currently rolling out the new mobile standard. So the decision

BT drops new Huawei phones from 5G rollout

BT Group Plc won’t offer phones from Huawei Technologies Co. when it starts Britain’s first 5G mobile network next week, joining a growing list of wireless operators

Japan carriers delay sale of new Huawei smartphones

Two Japanese mobile carriers said yesterday they are delaying the sale of new smartphones from Huawei as they confirm the safety of the Chinese products. Sales

Trade | Beijing cuts taxes to spur chipmakers in face of US pressure

China is cutting taxes on its fledgling software and integrated circuit industries as U.S. export controls threaten to handicap Chinese tech companies. The Finance

Surveillance tycoons lose billions from threat of US sanctions

Escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing are wiping billions from the net worth of China’s richest surveillance tycoons. The billionaires behind Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co.

Taiwan navy holds drill amid China tensions

Taiwan’s navy held a major live-fire exercise yesterday off the island’s east coast in an area increasingly threatened by Chinese ships and planes. The drills

Beijing faces new competition as Japan, India eye Sri Lanka port

India, Japan and Sri Lanka are weighing the development of a terminal at the bustling port of Colombo in a country that’s seen ongoing political

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