HKD peg defense tops $13 billion as demand surges

Demand for Hong Kong dollars is intensifying in the face of an increasingly politicized environment, with mainland buying helping to buoy both the pegged currency and local stock

Australia ends Hong Kong extradition treaty, extends visas

Australia suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong and extended visas for Hong Kong residents in response to China’s imposition of a tough national security law on the semi-autonomous territory,

The peg | US threat on HK dollar ‘self-defeating,’ economists say

The threat of U.S. action to undermine Hong Kong’s longstanding U.S. dollar peg is highly unlikely to become reality given the practical difficulties of pursing such a path and the damage it

Beijing threatens visa restrictions on US officials over Tibet

China said yesterday it will impose visa restrictions on U.S. individuals following the Trump administration’s imposition of travel bans on Chinese officials it accuses of restricting foreigners’ access to Tibet. Chinese

Hong Kong inaugurates Beijing’s national security office

Beijing’s national security office was inaugurated in Hong Kong yesterday, just over a week after China’s central government imposed a tough new law on the city that critics view as

China dismisses Australian warning of arbitrary detention

The Chinese Embassy yesterday dismissed Australia’s warning to travelers of arbitrary detention in China as “ridiculous” and “disinformation” in the latest diplomatic spat to mar a deteriorating relationship. Australia’s Department of

Social media giants mull leaving Hong Kong after security law worries

TikTok said yesterday it will stop operations in Hong Kong, joining other social media companies in warily eyeing ramifications of a sweeping national security law that took effect last week. The

China-HK bond links pegged for further expansion

China will look to add more trading platforms to its Bond Connect information platform launched in support of the Greater Bay Area initiative, covering Macau, Hong Kong and nine mainland

Hong Kong grappling with future under national security law

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam offered scant reassurance yesterday over a new national security law that critics say undermines liberties and legal protections promised when China took control of the

Australia warns of ‘arbitrary detention’ risk in China

CANBERRA — Australia on Tuesday warned its citizens that they may be at risk of "arbitrary detention" if they visit China. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said in an

Bucking China pressure, Taiwan, Somaliland establish ties

Taiwan has scored a rare diplomatic victory in establishing relations with the independent region of Somaliland. Intense pressure from China has reduced self-governing, democratic Taiwan to having just 15 diplomatic allies

Hong Kong police granted sweeping powers under security law

HONG KONG  — In implementing the national security law for Hong Kong, police will have sweeping authority that allows them to take actions including conducting searches without a warrant, restricting

Trump-connected lobbyists reap windfall in COVID-19 boom

Forty lobbyists with ties to President Donald Trump helped clients secure more than $10 billion in federal coronavirus aid, among them five former administration officials whose work potentially violates Trump's

China’s era of mega-dams is ending as solar and wind power rise

It’s the beginning of the end for the era of mega-dam building in China. China Three Gorges Corp. last week turned on the first set of generators at the massive Wudongde

White House considering next steps over Hong Kong law

President Donald Trump has yet to sign legislation that would impose sanctions on certain Chinese officials over Hong Kong, but other moves against Beijing are possible before long. An administration official

Southern China braces for more storms

A wide swath of southern China is bracing for more seasonal rains and flooding that state media said has already left more than 120 people dead or missing this year. The

Interview | Jimmy Lai says city now ‘dead’

When Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrived in Hong Kong at age 12, the city felt like heaven to him, brimming with hope and freedom. He arrived poor, but

Australia may offer safe haven to Hong Kongers

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said yesterday his government was considering an offer of safe haven to Hong Kong residents threatened by China’s move to impose a tough national security

House passes bill rebuking China over Hong Kong; Senate next

The House yesterday joined the Senate in approving a bill to rebuke China over its crackdown in Hong Kong by imposing sanctions on groups that undermine the city’s autonomy

China, pro-Beijing activists condemn ‘meddling’ in Hong Kong

China’s government and pro-Beijing activists in Hong Kong condemned what they called foreign meddling in the territory’s affairs yesterday, as countries moved to offer Hong Kongers refuge and impose sanctions

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