State media refutes Trump on tariffs, fentanyl

The latest tariff move by the U.S. has “seriously breached” the truce that Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed in Japan in late June and isn’t

Shanghai tries to reduce its trash, 1 chicken bone at a time

China’s biggest city has dived headfirst into a trash sorting program that marks the country’s first serious attempt at cutting the amount of garbage headed for

Taiwan says China is limiting tourism to island out of fear

Taiwan’s foreign minister has criticized China’s suspension on trips by individual Chinese citizens to the island, saying Beijing appeared to be afraid of allowing its people

Huawei says sales up 23% despite US controls

Huawei’s sales rose by double digits in the first half of this year despite being blacklisted by Washington and its chairman, saying U.S. pressure has

Tesla to pay China USD323m a year in tax for factory site

Tesla Inc. agreed to pay China 2.23 billion yuan (USD323 million) in tax every year as part of a deal with local authorities to build

Official praises Xinjiang camps as ‘pioneering’

Officials from China’s northwestern Xinjiang region said yesterday that most of the people who were in the area’s controversial re-education centers have since left the facilities and

Philippine defense chief hits Beijing for South China Sea acts

The Philippine defense chief criticized China yesterday for what he said was its bullying actions in the South China Sea and added that Beijing’s peaceful assurances

12-year sentence for China dissident on state secrets charge

Chinese dissident Huang Qi has been sentenced to 12 years in prison on the charge of leaking secrets to a foreign entity, more than two years after

Gov’t: US demand of WTO shows ‘arrogance and selfishness’

China has accused Washington of “arrogance and selfishness” after President Donald Trump added to trade strains with Beijing by pressing for the World Trade Organization to

Jack Ma’s $290b loan machine is changing Chinese banking

Jack Ma’s online bank is leading a quiet revolution in the way China lends to small businesses, taking aim at a credit bottleneck that has held

Trade | US-China talks set to resume as neither seems eager for a deal

Almost three months after their trade talks broke down in acrimony, Chinese and American negotiators meet again in Shanghai this week amid tempered expectations for breakthroughs in their

Taiwan election a choice between peace or crisis, KMT’s Han saysmdtimes-300×200

Taiwan’s election will be an opportunity for voters to choose cross-strait peace or crisis, said Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu, who was nominated as the presidential

US warship sails through Taiwan Strait amid China tensions

Taiwan said yesterday the U.S. Navy is free to sail through its strait after an American warship did so soon after Beijing warned against foreign interference

Trade | Chinese importers looking at buying more US farm goods

Chinese companies are willing to import more U.S. farm goods, the Ministry of Commerce said yesterday, as envoys prepared to meet in Shanghai next week

Police release data on alleged rape by Chinese businessman

Police who were called to a report of an alleged rape by Chinese billionaire and founder Richard Liu last August initially decided to release him

Government to fund 85% of Malaysia’s revived rail project

China’s Export-Import Bank is expected to finance 85% of a 44 billion ringgit (USD10.7 billion) rail link project in Malaysia that will bolster economic development in rural

The Buzz | HK June exports plunge most since 2016 amid trade wars

Hong Kong’s exports sank more than expected in June for an eighth straight month of declines, as government officials warned there was no near-term relief in sight. Exports declined

Beijing says US ‘power politics’ undermines global stability

China yesterday accused the United States of undermining global stability with unilateral policies and “power politics” as the Defense Ministry issued the first comprehensive outline of

Alibaba lets US small, medium businesses sell on platform

China’s e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba will allow small and medium-sized U.S. businesses to sell on U.S. businesses, until Tuesday, were only able to buy merchandise

FBI Chief says China’s trying to ‘steal their way’ to dominance

FBI Director Christopher Wray told senators that China is engaging in a sweeping effort to steal its way to economic dominance, with more than 1,000 investigations

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