Chinese carrier fleet passes near rival Taiwan

A Chinese aircraft carrier fleet passed near Taiwan yesterday, prompting the self-governing island to scramble ships and jets to monitor the situation. Taiwan’s defense ministry said the southbound Chinese

Australian MP says he and colleague barred entry to China

An outspoken Australian parliamentarian said that he and a colleague have been barred entry to China for a study trip, a development he said was concerning.

Taiwan opposition candidate backs Hong Kong full democracy

The China-friendly opposition candidate in Taiwan’s upcoming presidential election is urging Hong Kong to adopt universal suffrage as the best way of stemming months of anti-government protests.

Tariff war | Trade talks hit bump as China resists US demands on agricultural purchases

A U.S. demand that China spell out how it plans to reach as much as $50 billion in agricultural imports annually has become a sticking point in

Beijing holding three Taiwanese over national security suspicions

China confirmed yesterday that it is holding three Taiwanese on suspicion of committing subversion or other crimes against the Chinese state, part of a trend that

Here’s what China is telling its people about Hong Kong protests

Chinese state media responded to the escalating street violence in Hong Kong with harshly-worded commentaries, condemning some politicians and teachers for emboldening the demonstrators as social media

Merkel to ratchet up Huawei restrictions in concession to hawks

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is prepared to make a key concession to security hawks by tightening barriers aimed at Chinese equipment supplier Huawei Technologies Co.,

Sour grapes: Trade war puts cork in US wine sales to China

Caught in the crossfire of President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, U.S. vineyards are struggling to sell Syrah in Shanghai and Chardonnay in Shenzhen.

Tencent falls $90 billion behind Alibaba after NBA China row

Just a year ago, Tencent Holdings Ltd. locked up one of the most coveted media franchises in the country when it paid $1.5 billion for five

World Bank cuts back project in restive Xinjiang

The World Bank is cutting back a $50 million project in China’s restive Xinjiang region following a review prompted by allegations of abuses. A statement from the

TikTok revamps lobbying as Washington targets Chinese ownership

TikTok, the popular music-video app, is building up its fledgling lobbying operations to counter stepped-up pressure in Washington over its Chinese ownership and wage an escalating

China’s Alibaba, JD report booming Singles Day sales

Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba and reported nearly $60 billion in sales yesterday part way through Singles Day, an annual marketing event that is the

Xi on investment drive in EU member Greece

Chinese President Xi Jinping is meeting political leaders in Greece yesterday as part of a trip aimed at furthering a major global investment initiative inside the

Beijing confident Huawei will build Brazil’s 5G mobile network

China’s government says it’s confident that Brazil will choose Huawei Technologies Co. to build its ultra-fast fifth generation mobile network, a high-stake decision that would likely

Huawei founder says US woes not hardest crisis

For decades, Huawei’s founder stayed out of sight as it grew to become the biggest maker of network gear for phone carriers and passed Apple as

Trump pushes back on reports US will remove China tariffs

President Donald Trump on Friday dismissed a Chinese official’s assertion that his administration has agreed to roll back some of the higher tariffs it’s imposed on

Beijing says only patriots can become Hong Kong chief executive

China’s top official overseeing Hong Kong affairs  The majority of representatives in Hong Kong’s cabinet, judiciary and legislative bodies should also support the central government,

Hong Kong protesters vandalize subway station, storm mall

Police fired tear gas and protesters broke windows at a shopping mall yesterday in anti-government demonstrations across Hong Kong amid anger over a student activist’s death

Court sentences nine in fentanyl trafficking case after US tip

A Chinese court sentenced nine fentanyl traffickers yesterday in a case that is the culmination of a rare collaboration between Chinese and U.S. law enforcement to crack

Gov’t to ban vaping in public places as crackdown intensifies

China plans to ban e-cigarettes in public places to stem a “distinct increase” in vaping among teenagers, becoming the latest nation to push back on the

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