Beijing asks for hold on UN ban of North Korea traders

China’s government said yesterday it asked for a hold on a U.S. request for United Nations sanctions against ships accused of helping North Korea evade sanctions

NPC cites support for ending presidential term limits

China’s ceremonial legislature said yesterday that a broad consensus has been reached on amendments to the constitution, including one to abolish term limits that will

He Lifeng | Chief economic planner says growth target can be met

China’s top economic planner expressed confidence yesterday that stronger consumer spending will help the country meet a 6.5 percent growth target that is little changed from

PM pledges strong growth as Xi bids to rule indefinitely

China’s government pledged yesterday to deliver robust growth, pursue advanced technology and boost military spending while urging the public to embrace President Xi Jinping’s rule

Opinion | One company, two systems, and Tencent’s national service

The founder and chairman of China’s dominant social media company wants greater integration between the mainland and Hong Kong. Specifically, Ma Huateng advocates linking Hong Kong, Macau and

Analysis | How to make money out of the National People’s Congress

China’s biggest political event of the year is a key opportunity to gather valuable trading intelligence about the world’s second-largest economy. The National People’s Congress brings almost

China to recruit civilian astronauts, boost crewed missions

China will begin recruiting civilian astronauts for its military-backed space program and plans to increase the number of crewed missions to around two a year, a top

Unlimited Xi presidency looms over China political gathering

The prospect of Chinese President Xi Jinping ruling for an unlimited number of terms is dominating discussion as China’s legislature opens its annual session

Gov’t says military no threat, but refuses to reveal budget

China has no desire to overturn the existing international order and its increasingly powerful military does not constitute a threat to others, the spokesman for the country’s

The Buzz | Hong Kong Dollar drops to lowest since band implemented in 2005

Hong Kong’s currency depreciated to the weakest level since the government widened a trading band against the greenback in 2005, putting pressure on the monetary authorities to slow its

From here to eternity | Xi set to pass last hurdle in bid for power to reshape country

In his first five years, President Xi Jinping has seized control of economic policy, reasserted the Communist Party’s authority and sidelined potential rivals in an

Defense | Reports say China plans to build nuclear aircraft carrier

Chinese media reports say the country is planning to build a nuclear- powered aircraft carrier capable of remaining at sea for long durations, in what would

Ye Jianming | Oil tycoon detained for questioning

A Chinese oil tycoon who is buying a stake in Russia’s biggest oil producer has been detained for questioning, news reports said yesterday, amid a sprawling anti-corruption crackdown.

Opinion | How Hong Kong could scrap income tax and prosper

It may be a good problem to have, but it’s a problem nevertheless. In his annual budget speech yesterday, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan announced a

US proposes anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminum foil

The U.S. Commerce Department yesterday recommended raising import duties on Chinese-made aluminum foil it said is being sold at unfairly low prices due to improper subsidies

Taiwan | Prosecutors detain developer of building where quake killed 14

Prosecutors in eastern Taiwan have detained the developer of a building complex that collapsed in an earthquake earlier this month, killing 14 people. The

Ruling party approves list of nominees to fill top government positions

Chinese leaders have approved nominees for top government jobs, state media said, as the ruling Communist Party also promised changes to the country’s regulatory structure. The

Economy | Factory index at 19-month low as holiday slows work

China’s manufacturing activity weakened to its lowest level in more than a year and a half as the extended Lunar New Year holiday curtailed production.

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