Hong Kong | Occupy ends as police clear final protest site

Hong Kong police tore down barricades, folded up tents and arrested some protesters yesterday at a third and final pro-democracy protest camp, ending demonstrations that blocked traffic in the southern

Court clears man 18 years after his execution 

A court in northern China yesterday cleared a man of the rape and murder of a woman in a public toilet 18 years after he was executed for the crime. The Inner Mongolia

Xi asks people not to forget Japanese crimes at Nanjing memorial

China’s President Xi Jinping said people should never forget the serious crimes committed by aggressors as the nation marked a new day of commemoration to remember the victims of the

Hong Kong | Police to clear last Occupy protest site today

Hong Kong will clear the last occupation site in pro-democracy protests today, ending more than two months of road blockades in the city that have disrupted traffic and sparked violent

Authorities to punish tourists in Thai air rage noodle assault

Chinese authorities vowed to severely punish Chinese travelers who threw hot water and noodles on a Thai flight attendant and threatened to blow up the plane after they became enraged

Beijing shocked by fatal riot in Madagascar 

The Chinese Embassy in Madagascar expressed shock yesterday at a deadly riot involving local workers at a Chinese-run sugar plant and criticized the island nation’s government for failing to protect

Hong Kong | Police arrest protesters in Occupy main camp

Hong Kong police yesterday took away demonstrators who refused to leave the main pro-democracy protest camp and tore down their tents in a final push to retake streets occupied by

Taiwan | Annette Lu leads hundreds of supporters to visit Chen in prison

More than six mayors, 50 city councilors, county commissioners and representatives from various groups including the Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, the One Side, One

Fidel Castro awarded Confucius Peace Prize

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is this year’s winner of the Confucius Peace Prize, China’s alternative to the Nobel Prize. The committee that sponsors the prize praised 88-year-old Castro for peacefully

Xiaomi stopped from selling handsets in India

Judge G.P. Mittal of the New Delhi High Court also ruled earlier this week that Xiaomi’s Indian distributor, online retailer Flipkart, is prohibited from selling the Chinese company’s phones while

Xinjiang | Urumqi to ban veiled robes

The law in the predominantly Muslim region comes as Beijing intensifies a campaign against religious extremism that it blames for the violence that has left hundreds dead in the past

Hong Kong | Main protest camp counts down final hours

Hong Kong’s dwindling number of pro-democracy protesters vowed yesterday to stay until the last minute before authorities clear them off a highway where they’ve been camped out for more than

Former economic planner jailed for graft 

A former deputy head of the agency that steers China’s state-dominated economy was sentenced yesterday to life in prison for taking bribes, adding to a growing toll of prominent figures ensnared in

Beijing blasts US hypocrisy as CIA torture condemned

China joined human rights advocates yesterday in criticizing the U.S. over a report on the practice of torture by the CIA. “China has consistently opposed torture,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong

Gov’t mulling cigarette tax increase to curb smoking 

The National Health and Family Planning Commission is joining with other government agencies to lobby for an increase in tobacco taxes, commission spokesman Yao Hongwen was quoted as saying by

TAIWAN | Pro-independence protests break out as top mainland negotiator arrives

Supporters of Taiwan’s opposition were protesting the arrival of Chinese official Chen Deming, president of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, as he arrived in Taoyuan, Taiwan, yesterday

Report: Ivory prices soar on new demand

Street prices for illegal ivory are soaring in China, where newly wealthy middle and upper class citizens are buying carved ivory and whole tusks as a status symbol of their riches,

Leaders stress ‘new normal’ theme at key economic meeting

China’s leaders gathered for an annual meeting to map their economic plans for next year under the theme of “new normal,” a phrase adopted by President Xi Jinping to reflect

Hong Kong police: protest camp shutdown tomorrow

Police warned Hong Kong pro-democracy activists that they have until tomorrow to leave a sprawling protest camp which has blocked traffic in the Chinese financial hub for more than two months.

Uighur scholar Tohti’s students sentenced to up to 8 years

China sentenced seven students of incarcerated scholar Ilham Tohti, a member of the country’s Uighur minority, to three to eight years in prison for separatism, Hong Kong government broadcaster RTHK

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