Analysis | One Chinese city has figured out the future: Shenzhen

China's Xi Jinping recently declared that he wants China to rank as one of the world's most innovative countries by 2020 and to top the list by mid-century. Going by

Singapore | Dedicated departments to combat money laundering

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will set up dedicated departments to combat money laundering and strengthen enforcement respectively, announced MAS in a press release yesterday. The authority said these changes

Orlando Massacre | Cracks appearing in US bid to stop terrorism

The FBI let the Orlando mass-shooting suspect slip through its grasp despite interviewing him twice since 2013 due to a lack of evidence to hold him, a troubling fact that

50 dead in Florida nightclub shooting, worst in US history

A gunman wielding an assault-type rifle and a handgun opened fire inside a crowded Florida nightclub early Sunday before dying in a gunfight with SWAT officers, police said. The attack

Wong Kai Kei | 3rd Prize in National English Debating Competition: ‘Macau students are less exposed to English environments’ than HK

Two debaters, Wong Kai Kei and Leong Ka Wai, from the University of Macau (UM) English Debating Team have recently won third prize at the 19th Foreign Language Teaching and

New association seeks Guia Circuit listing

The recently created Macau Guia Circuit Promotion and Development Association (MGCPDA) is planning to create a website with the purpose of “getting the association closer to the general public and

Retail | Chow Tai Fook seeks Chinese tourists abroad

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd. is chasing Chinese tourist dollars overseas as the economic slowdown in China crimps luxury sales and contributed to a 46 percent drop in full-­year

It’s not all bad news in HK | Singapore losing out to Hong Kong in race to be most competitive

Singapore and Hong Kong have been vying for years to hold the crown of most competitive place to do business. Now a clear winner is emerging: Hong Kong. While Hong Kong

Preview, review & interview | Now you see Macau, Now you don’t

Macau features for a good 45 minutes in the plot of blockbuster Hollywood sequel “Now You See Me 2,” and it takes a central role in the action. As in any

Chinese dream of instant stock-market riches faces harsh reality

Fang Tao’s hopes of striking it rich in the Chinese stock market died as his investments plunged by half over the past year. Now, he’ll be happy just breaking even. The

L’Oreal shuts Hong Kong shops amid protests over China ‘kowtow’

L’Oreal SA closed shops throughout Hong Kong as hundreds of demonstrators protested the French cosmetic maker’s decision to cancel a concert by a pro-democracy singer after Chinese consumers called for

Social Security | Employers and workers to be equally responsible for pension fund

The Executive Council (ExCo) announced yesterday that the discussion on the Non Mandatory Central Provident Fund Scheme proposal has concluded. Employers as well as employees can participate in the scheme

Football | France 2016: New finalists, familiar title contenders at expanded Euros

The European Championship enters a new era with Spain seeking to reassert its old supremacy. Invincible between 2008 and 2012 while claiming back-to-back European titles and finally tasting World Cup glory

Aviation Authority: ‘No information on new airports’

The Civil Aviation Authority of Macao (AACM) has stated in an email to the Times that they “do not have information about the opening of new airports in the Pearl

Well-being | Fans celebrate International Yoga Day on Sunday

Two yoga practitioners in the city are set to hold an outdoor yoga session on Sunday to celebrate the upcoming second International Yoga Day which takes place every June 21. Kerill

Britain’s EU vote | June 23 referendum will have consequences for generations to come

The debate over the referendum that will determine whether or not the United Kingdom remains in the European Union “is probably the biggest strategic, political, economic and business decision that

Beijing plans oceanic ‘space station’ in South China Sea

China is speeding up efforts to design and build a manned deep-sea platform to help it hunt for minerals in the South China Sea, one that may also serve a

Papua New Guinea | Police and students clash; 23 injured

Police in Papua New Guinea fired gunshots yesterday to quell a student protest demanding the prime minister’s resignation, the government said. The country’s police commissioner said nearly two dozen people

US primaries | Clinton claims historic victory as battle with Trump begins

Hillary Clinton declared herself the victor in the Democratic nominating race, becoming the first woman to run as the presidential candidate of a major U.S. political party, and immediately launched

Index | Domestic consumption satisfaction declines

The Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) of the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) yesterday published their Consumer Satisfaction Index of 2016. Between May 4 and May 16, 876

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