Bizcuits | Mass confusion

Las Vegas Sands Ltd released their first quarter results after share markets closed in the US Wednesday. Industry media writers and analysts offer us interesting insight and some

Made In Macao | The fengshui of putting up pictures

One day, a non-Chinese friend asked me for advice on where he should hang a painting. I am no interior designer, but on a large empty wall in

Animal Farm | Creativity is lacking everywhere

The scarcity of human resources in Macau is an irrefutable fact. No one doubts this, even the most aggressive populist, those guys that always try to ignore the

Our Desk | Mega project may be too small 

The Secretary of Transport and Public Works has voiced the opinion that the mega projects already built in Macau, in addition to the ones which will eventually be

Rear Window | Fever mounts at… Macau SAR

Until the matter of the candidate - or candidates - selected to replace Chief Executive Chui Sai On is unequivocally settled, the political environment will be one in

Kapok | 22 of the dirty 400

For a reason that escapes any logic primarily concerned with fairness, only 22 members of the Legislative Assembly will participate in the Election Committee responsible for the designation of

World Views | We’re not even close to the next great recession

What’s all the fuss about? Maybe the world economy isn’t in such terrible shape after all. New projections from the International Monetary Fund, published this week, show

Opinion | Vegas high-roller spins USD7 billion roulette wheel

Wynn Resorts Ltd. has been on the defensive lately with investors. The Las Vegas-based casino operator’s offer to buy Australia’s Crown Resorts Ltd at a hefty-looking 26 percent

Macau Matters | The Re-Emerging Measles Threat

Every time a crackpot tells us that vaccinations have some problem the world becomes a more dangerous place. Science is based on empirical facts, and does not care whether

Our Desk | New regulation shouldn’t be a burden after all

The new regulation for overseas Filipino workers to acquire an overseas employment certificate have caused anger, frustration and criticism amongst the community for the past two weeks.

Tax Matters | The Tax Enforcement Code – Is it really in force?

The enforcement of tax debts, as well as the enforcement of other debts of public entities, should take place under the terms of the tax enforcement procedure as

Bizcuits | Environment: Not quite leaderless

In an unusually forthright utterance at MIECF last week, Antonio Trindade (CEO of CESL Asia) made the surprising statement that Macau lacks integrity in environmental leadership. The surprise

Made in Macao | A change in long weekend culture

With the Cheng Ming Festival falling on a Friday this year, we are blessed with another long weekend in Macao. As I was thinking about how to use

Animal Farm | Local challenges!

Whilst completely absorbed by the closure of the Canidrome, although much has happened in the last eight months, most of that time I experienced the same old problems which

Our Desk | Fake tourism is the solution

Just last Sunday I came across a situation that finally sparked my dormant neurons into finding a solution for the increase in tourists, crowding the streets of Macau. The

Rear Window | The Fifth Dimension

The truth is…until former Chief Executive Edmund Ho gave his cryptic reading on the selection of the candidate to replace Chui Sai On at the helm of the

Kapok | Liveable tourism

When designing or even reviewing policy-making, the whole process is bound to start with a discussion of sort. Whether it is a subdued exchange of views or a

World Views | Cathay’s budget deal won’t mean bargain tickets

Budget aviation ain’t what it used to be. Passengers on Easyjet Plc aircraft can book fares that let them change flight times at no extra cost. Those on Singapore

Macau Matters | Changing Childhoods

I grew up feral compared to the kids of today, and most of my generation in the developed world could say much the same. Dad worked and mum

Our Desk | Local sore loser

In Macau, hearing someone using the term “outsiders” is as normal as some stupid human beings thinking that lunch must happen at 12 and dinner must happen at

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