Tax Matters | Competitive tax advantages of the Macau SAR

The Macau tax system has a lot of competitive advantages vis-à-vis other territories that people, especially international economic groups, do not yet seem to be fully aware of.

Kapok | Yellow is the new red

In a recent op-ed published in the South China Morning Post, renowned blogger Jason Ng draws an instructive parallel between the on-going Yellow Vests Movement

Girl About Globe | An Alternative Preview of Christmas Toys

At this time of year, it’s hard to raise your eyes from writing Christmas cards (ho ho ho) without seeing a list of ‘Best Selling Toys for 2018.’

Macau Matters | Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

All round the world, including Macau I am sure, many people suffer from poor sleep quality/quantity, resulting in many health, economic and social issues. For example, a 2013

Our Desk | The silver lining is what is missing

- For Cantonese, please press 1; for Portuguese, please press 2; for English, please press 3; for Mandarin, please press 4. - Du… du… du… du… du…,

Rear Window | Macau reinventing itself…again

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Lisbon, ending in a tour that took him to the G-20 in Argentina, to Panama and Spain, would necessarily be followed

Bizcuits | The New Vice: Sustainability

Sustainability is about to go out of fashion, and for fundamentally good reasons. Fast becoming a bogus ethical term, “sustainability” is used by companies in their Corporate

Made in Macao | Coming of the ‘Heavy Snow’

Heavy Snow is approaching! Unfortunately, it is not as though we are going to have real snow in Macao. I am, of course, referring to one of the

World Views | Peace talks over Yemen war are worth pursuing

The prospect of peace talks over war-ravaged Yemen is welcome, even if the chances of a permanent end to hostilities aren’t good. The meetings in Sweden should mean

Our Desk | No hint of progress

The fight to establish a minimum wage law for domestic helpers is obviously not coming to an end any time soon. The decision made by lawmaker Sulu Sou to

Insight | Where are the poets, the wild ones?

Looking at the Chinese literary scene, one wonders, where are the poets, the non-conformists? Where are, as Kerouac put it, “the mad ones, the ones who are mad

World Views | There’s no need for a new cold war with China

This weekend’s G-20 summit in Buenos Aires matters less for the main proceedings than for U.S. President Donald Trump’s expected encounter with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Trump has

Girl About Globe | Forget a healthy economy. Cough-tails, anyone?

It seems as though the eyes of every passenger on the ferry are boring into me, or at least the peepers that aren’t closed due to tipsy drowsiness.

Macau Matters | Shift-work dangers

In Macau a lot of people work on shifts – we are all familiar with the associated early morning, mid-afternoon and late evening traffic jams. This poses some

World Views | Asia’s liquidity squeeze is the worst since 2008

Liquidity is getting tight in Asia. Leave aside Japan, where the printing presses are still pumping out yen. In rest of the region, central banks’ supply of currency

Rear Window | Boldly inaccurate

Despite a sort of social commotion rooted in a long-time bonding with Bobo, one would have said that the Flora Garden’s oldest (?) inmate passing away was to

Bizcuits | Black Friday Spoils and Devastation

It was severely hot and dry that summer in Victoria. The drought had lasted several years, creeks and riverbeds were dry, and Melbournians were on water rations. Bush

Made in Macao | Work-Life Balance and the Seven Sins

Talking about the seven sins as a form of work-life-balance may be against my Catholic beliefs. But as I watched the episode about The Seven on the TV

World Views | Russian leadership would spell the end of Interpol

Imagine an alternative history of New York City in which John Gotti becomes police commissioner and obtains arrest warrants for the U.S. attorneys who prosecuted the Gambino crime

World Views | Germany doesn’t really want an EU army

For all the recent transatlantic debate about creating a joint European army, Germany has little interest in setting up any kind of supranational force under the EU’s command.

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