World Views | Half-time high school may be just what students need

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, Bloomberg Opinion will be running a series of features by our columnists that consider the long-term consequences of the crisis. This column is part of

World Views | Crazy trading on China’s Nasdaq has its own logic

  Old habits die hard. China’s Nasdaq-like ChiNext board has staged a comeback this year, rallying 17% to trade at an average of — yes, really — 70 times earnings. Is this misguided enthusiasm

World Views | Buy when the Fed is buying won’t work anymore

The S&P 500 Index has rallied 28% from its low this year on March 23, with Wall Street praising the Federal Reserve for basically creating money to purchase a broad

World Views | Pay cuts are better than layoffs in this recession

  Economists have long explained recessions in part by pointing to the reluctance of employers to reduce workers’ pay. This so-called market rigidity reverberates throughout the economy, creating waves of unemployment and declining growth that

Our Desk | Que sera, sera; whatever will be, will be

The recent hot topic in town is apparently – if not undeniably or inevitably – the commencement of e-voucher use. After the project’s announcement, many applauded the government for supporting the

World Views | Here’s what to do before you lose your job

  The most severe job losses may have already happened, but that doesn’t mean more employees won’t be getting “the call” from HR. The first phase of layoffs hit front-line workers in

World Views | A wave of bad loans could swallow China’s banks

As China recovers from Covid-19, all eyes are on its banks’ bad loans. The reality is far worse than it looks. China’s largest lenders reported quarterly earnings this month, the first

World Views | We can’t get together until tests get better

  The debate about when and whether the world can reopen keeps coming back to testing. If only we could test everyone all the time, the logic goes, we could isolate

Our Desk | ‘Scamsidy’

Subsidies, who would reject them? I am guessing no one, and in times of extra difficulties, a government subsidy seems always to be the perfect solution to patch a rising

World Views | Diamonds need some new best friends

  It’s looking decidedly somber out there for the world’s favorite sparkly stone. Diamonds were ailing even before the coronavirus came along. Now, weeks into lockdowns in the U.S. and elsewhere, all

World Views | Singapore proves there’s no textbook virus response

  Once lauded as a beacon in the fight against Covid-19, Singapore reached an unenviable milestone this week: the most cases in Southeast Asia. Soaring infections suggest rapidly tightening restrictions on social

World Views | A wealth tax isn’t the right way to pay for the pandemic

  An epidemic is often referred to as a “great leveler” since viruses infect people indiscriminately regardless of their net worth. However, the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic will be very

Our Desk | Fun Mandarin 2: Ròu, Tāng, Bāo

Today marks the second day of fun mandarin series. Fun mandarin series serves only for entertainment purposes. 肉Ròu: red and soft tissues in human or animal bodies, flesh, meat, muscle; captive

World Views | Why science won’t ace its Covid-19 test

  A New York Times article published earlier this month proclaimed that, according to scientists, “never before have so many of the world’s researchers focused so urgently on a single topic.”

World Views | Humans have themselves to blame for Covid-19

  No one could have predicted the timing and trajectory of the Covid-19 pandemic, triggered by a novel coronavirus leaping from a bat into a pangolin (apparently) and from there into a person.

World Views | In lockdown, people don’t reach for premium beers

  Lockdowns around the world have stressed-out consumers reaching for their beer glasses. But a tipple after a hard day working from home isn’t enough to preserve the world’s big brewers from the ravages

Our Desk | The most helpless of them all

The words “lay off” and “unpaid leave” have been used a huge amount these days, reflecting their occurrence worldwide amid the Covid-19 pandemic. In Macau alone, there are several hundred local

World Views | China is reopening its wet markets. That’s good

  Here’s one more issue to add to the bonfire of tensions with China brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The country is reportedly reopening its wet markets, the fresh produce stalls

Our Desk | Not enough to be alive, you must look alive

In ancient Rome, an episode occurred around the year 62 BC involving Julius Caesar’s wife Pompeia Sula. It led to the creation of the famous quote, “Caesar’s wife must not

World Views | What I learned from trying to cut my own hair

  Writing to shareholders this week, BlackRock Inc.s chief executive officer Larry Fink ruminated on how business and society will be reshaped by the searing experience of the new coronavirus: “People

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