Macau Matters | Is loneliness an issue for Macau

As I have noted previously, I like reading The Economist because it often contains articles that stimulate me to consider issues I have not thought about before. A

Our Desk | Big Fake Empty

“Big fake empty” is a term I first heard from one of my former teachers, who used the phrase to describe a student’s graduation thesis. The

Views on China | Blame the trade war for China’s luxury swoop

China just dealt a blow to the global luxury goods industry. You can blame the trade war for that. The crackdown on the daigou trade — in which tourists, friends

Bizcuits | Activists: Guiding us down Desire Paths

Desire paths are tracks worn by the wishes and feet of those gone before. As explained in an article in last week’s Guardian, they very often run contrary

Girl About Globe | HK’s high-growth economy must include trees

Hong Kong has a shady past. I hope it has a shady future. A few days after the super-typhoon hit last month, I sat at a

Our Desk | Social media and #MeToo

The use of social media has played a significant role in the expansion of the #MeToo movement. Officially founded last year, the movement aims to freely give

Rear Window | Contrasting tendencies

Despite the almost negligible cash-flow retreat, these days of the heavy showering of bills from the 45 Casinos’ Golden Week seems not enough to brighten up the concerned

Kapok | Not so fantastic anymore

One of my fellow columnists with the Times has made the fight against the abusive usage of plastic an all-out effort, very often taking a very personal tone.

Made in Macao | National food: rice or noodles?

The Americans have apple-pies on the Fourth of July, and that got me wondering on National Day a few days ago: What food do we consider our national

Tax Matters | The taxation of companies in Macau – worldwide or territorial basis? (cont.)

Our previous In mid-August 2018, the Office of the President of the Court of Final Appeal (TUI) made public that the Court had issued a new

Bizcuits | Casinos Innovate in Zero-Waste

Annie Lao, a fellow plastic-waste activist, and her team petitioned the government to take some baby-step actions to curb Macau’s disproportionate creation and mismanagement of solid waste. The

Girl About Globe | It’s not calorie counting – it’s Feedbit Connectivity

It’s a mystery to me why no one has come up with Feedbit. It would be like Fitbit but, instead of counting steps taken and calories burned,

Our Desk | Education needs to be educated

Various cases and claims of sexual abuse have been in the news over the last couple of months. From the case involving a kindergarten and some of

Rear Window | Macau after Typhoon Mangkhut

These days we find ourselves turning to recollect a former Portuguese prime-minister who was credited with having said - although he was not exactly a follower of the

World Views | Donald Trump’s stance on refugees is a disgrace

President Donald Trump’s decision to cut the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. hardly comes as a surprise. Even by this administration’s standards, however, the policy

Tennis | US Open champion Osaka dominant on return to action in Japan

Naomi Osaka’s homecoming couldn’t have gone much better. Playing in her first tournament since winning the U.S. Open, third-seeded Osaka impressed her Japanese fans yesterday

World Views | The European Union has a problem with dirty money

After a string of scandals, the European Commission has unveiled new plans to crack down on money laundering. It’s right to take this problem seriously — but its

Our Desk | Cautious optimism after Mangkhut

The response of the Macau government to what was undoubtedly the strongest Pacific typhoon of the year deserves to be commended, especially in its effective and timely communication

Bizcuits  | The last straw

Recently we have seen some concerted single-use plastic and waste activism locally; and not before time. From a petition seeking a plastic-bag ban to “plogging”, individuals and groups

Girl About Globe | Mozzie Zeus

Have you ended summer with more insect bites than ever before? I have. The current ones, inflicted by mosquitos in Mykonos, Greece, have created topographical issues on my

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