Rear Window | Back to basics

Two million Hong Kong residents felt obliged to go down to Admiralty to fight against a fishy extradition bill, deemed an “evil law” by the freshly released Occupy

Kapok | For the people?

The contrast could not be more striking: while in Hong Kong two million residents were taking to the streets to express their dissatisfaction at Chief Executive Carry Lam,

Made in Macao | Borrowing East wind for the CCI

These days an ancient Chinese quote keeps resonating in my mind: 萬慤얇備 怜퓐東風 (Everything is ready, except for the East wind). This is a famous quote

Animal Farm | Politics is a noble exercise!

China has in recent years gained a huge international profile, despite being a country with a single-party political system. Elsewhere, the capitalist system grew, modernized, and expanded

World Views | We are living in historic times. Or are we?

If we are living through historic events, would we know? In 1965, Arthur Danto, a philosopher at Columbia University, argued that it is impossible to tell, when

Bizcuits | Why Plastic-Free July is coming again

From modest beginnings in Perth in 2011, Plastic-Free July is back with #ChooseToRefuse and #PlasticFreeJuly challenges. Last year over 2 million people from 177 countries participated (14,000 people

World Views | Hong Kong’s moment of reckoning

Hong Kong is facing an existential threat. A  When the U.K. handed back control of Hong Kong to China in 1997, Beijing promised the city that it

Our Desk | On driving artsy Macau

“See things, travel, build up experiences and back to the work. If you don’t see enough, haven’t traveled enough and haven’t tried to invest in new things,

Rear Window | Doomed to fail

The 30th anniversary of the bloody crackdown in Tiananmen Square, perhaps the most worrying of 2019 ephemerides, went by without so much as an unpredictable event, without too

Kapok | The politics of memory

Remembering and commemorating June 4, 1989 is not an easy task. First and foremost as the government that sits in Beijing forbids and effectively prevents any attempt

Made in Macao | Swimming in ‘Dragon Boat Water’

I have written a lot about stories and legends relating to the coming Tuen Ng Festival, better known as the Dragon Boat Festival, which is tomorrow, Friday, 7

Animal Farm | 2019: Macao inflation will be lower!

The rate of inflation gives us a rough idea of the loss in our purchasing power. It is risky to trust these indicators too much as translating averages do

Tax Matters | Employee share schemes

It is becoming increasingly common for Macau employees in multinational corporations to be awarded Share Options (also referred to as Stock Options – “SOs”) or Restricted Share Units

Bizcuits | CSR the PR tool vs Transparent Externalities

With the retendering process for the gaming licenses on the horizon, incumbent concessionaires are informing the public about what they are doing to support the local community.

Tenpence | We deserve a good show

This August will stage my first Chief Executive election, having arrived in Macau four years ago. Of course, like most of you, I am just an observer. All

Macau Matters | A carbon neutral Macau

As I have previously stated in these articles, the science underpinning our understanding of climate change is irrefutable. Only the most selfish and pathological Luddites can believe, or

Our Desk | The Non-(Existent)-Gaming 

The term “non-gaming” has been included for a while in the local vocabulary, especially among government officials. The term, imported all the way from Beijing, seemed to

Rear Window | Wolf law in sheep’s clothing

Media organizations, and journalists, mainly through the Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM), have of late been voicing a degree of concern about the freedom of expression

Kapok | Aiming higher

Reference documents and generic resolutions adopted by the United Nations are usually dismissed by critics as either too broad, too generous or too normative, and sometimes the three

Made in Macao | The complication of ‘thank you’

Cantonese is one of the hardest languages to learn because on top of the difficulty of reading Chinese characters, Cantonese speakers have been inventing more colloquial characters since

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