World Views | Trump wants to move agencies out of Washington, DC

The Washington, D.C., area is already rich and overcrowded, and with the arrival of Inc.’s second headquarters it’s about to get thousands more high-paying jobs. Lots of other

Tax Matters | Fighting erosion in taxable base and profit shifting

The RAEM government has recently discussed some amendments to the Corporate Income Tax Regulations (CITR, or Regulamento do Imposto Complementar de Rendimentos) and to the Regime of Exchange

Bizcuits | Vulnerable expatriates in crisis

Beyond the glamour and the rewards of an expatriate life there are inevitable difficulties caused by stresses of adjusting to a strange environment.  Where personal stress and

Made in Macao | Autumn Commences already?

Two of the 24 Solar Terms in Autumn are surprising. 立秋 (Lap Cau), or Autumn, commences on August 8, and 處暑 (Cyu Syu), End of Heat, on August 23. If

Macau Matters | Shenzhen’s new EV Horizon

I subscribe to the electronic newsletter of the Rocky Mountain Institute (, which is a well-known, U.S.-based non-profit organization dedicated to researching, consulting, and educating in the field

Our Desk | Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

As everyone knows by now, the protests in Hong Kong have reached the ninth consecutive week. From a weekend event, it has now passed to an almost-every-day event with several

Rear Window | Chui Sai On’s remaining days in office

Chui Sai On sailed dire waters through his two terms as the MSAR’s second Chief Executive, indeed. Despite the evaluation one can make of Chui’s overall performance, now,

Kapok | The ugly foreigner

It’s a classic survival tactic: if anything goes wrong, blame it on the other(s) and not on yourself! The burden of responsibility all of a sudden becomes lighter

Animal Farm | Hong Kong, a complex problem?

Many innocent people show little knowledge, or even contempt, for what China has done in these forty years, with many political games behind the scenes within the limits

Our Desk | What amputation claims?

The story of the migrant worker whose left leg was amputated is an example of how a number of non-resident workers – particularly non-skilled ones – remain helpless

World Views | Protest data breaches threaten HK’s hub ambitions

Hong Kong’s ambitions to be an international data-center hub are a potential casualty of the city’s mass protests. Privacy breaches stemming from a summer of clashes between demonstrators

Bizcuits | Animal cruelty coming off the menu

Environmental sustainability has gained traction from our Integrated Resorts. Earlier focus was on the traditional low-hanging fruit of cost-cutting through water and energy efficiencies, recycling and CO2 emissions.

World Views | Roll back internet surveillance. Start with Facebook

Nothing that happened Wednesday will satisfy Facebook Inc.’s critics. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s chief consumer privacy watchdog, hit Facebook with a $5 billion fine for

Macau Matters | School mobile phone bans

I grew up in the age before mobile technology. All my school work was done on paper, and we were limited to textbooks and the local school and

World Views | Trump ‘third country’ asylum rule doubles down on failure

Another directive on immigration from the Trump administration begets another court challenge. In a sweeping rule change, the administration has  The new rule has so far triggered two  True,

Rear Window | Typhoon season forecast

Space conquest science has been developing new tools to forecast weather with more accuracy, thus giving humanity a better chance to minimize damage and spare lives. However, meteorological

Kapok | The great delusion

Looking at the Macao news these days, a careless reader might conclude that the upcoming Chief Executive election set for August 25 appears to be significantly more competitive

Made in Macao | The Moderate and Great Heat of July

These days, it feels terribly hot in Macao. But we are only in the period of Siu Syu 鬼嵌 (Moderate Heat), of the 24

Animal Farm | An exercise of Patriotism?

The two-year Chinese sovereign bond issue in Macau will be a good exercise to see how far patriotism will go. I hope I’m not running the risk of

Tax Matters | Tax measures against real estate speculation

Since 2011, the Macau government has adopted several measures against property speculation to improve the existing supply of housing, both for purchasing and rentals. Such measures have almost

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