World Views | The FDA’s caution on the J&J vaccine is a costly mistake

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision to recommend a pause in distribution of the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine has been roundly — and rightly — condemned across the political spectrum. It’s clear that

Our Desk | Macau’s (new) low standards

In a region that survives almost exclusively on tourism and the service sector, we should expect that its service standards would be of a so-called “world-class level.” In reality, the attempt

World Views | Europe is heading toward a new financial crisis

Europe faces a predicament. Even as it struggles to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s setting itself up for another crisis — this one financial. To ensure the viability of the

World Views | Where America’s vaccine triumph fell short

It’s not surprising that pharmacies are turning out to be fantastic at distributing Covid-19 vaccines. As Alex Tabarrok and I pointed out in February, they are literally everywhere — 86% of the US population lives within

World Views | Financial cooperation can help fight the pandemic

  The IMF’s new economic forecast offers encouragement to the world’s rich countries. They’re on track to recover strongly from the pandemic. For many poorer countries, the opposite is true: The end is

World Views | Hong Kong is giving itself another identity crisis

The Hong Kong government’s proposal to let directors obscure their identities on the companies register is a retrograde step that will facilitate fraud and corruption. Don’t take a journalist’s word for it.

World Views | Some of China’s grand plans have gotten a little smaller

China’s state planners are notorious as purveyors of billions of yuan of budgetary spending, intimidating industrial policy and soaring technology goals. The Five-Year Plan — Beijing’s periodic, Soviet-style economic blueprint — often sends shivers

World Views | Telemedicine will be great after Covid, too

People have been predicting the ascent of telemedicine since the 1920s, but even mass broadband use wasn’t enough to make it catch on. Doctors were too worried about losing income, privacy

World Views | Can the world survive without dollar diplomacy?

The Federal Reserve’s rescue of the global financial system one year ago prevented a public health crisis from degenerating into market chaos. When histories of the Covid-19 pandemic are written,

World Views | Airline change fees shouldn’t return after Covid

Airline change fees are a pre-pandemic relic and they should stay that way. In 2019, U.S. carriers generated $2.8 billion in revenue from penalizing customers for changing a flight booking, according to the Transportation

China Daily | Hyping lies about Xinjiang will always exact a price

  China will not stir up trouble, but it is not afraid of trouble either. That was the unequivocal message Beijing conveyed to the world last week. Showing that it refuses to

World Views | After Covid, let’s keep our masks on

It has been a year since the pandemic hit India and, for me, the oddest thing is how healthy I’ve been. Like most but not all of the people I

World Views | Museums sold more art during pandemic. Why go back?

The coronavirus has been rough on museums. An October survey for the American Alliance of Museums found that two-thirds had cut back on public programs, more than half had laid off

World Views | Let’s cut capitalism some slack

In the annals of 21st century capitalism, Covid-19 will go down as a pressure cooker. The pandemic has put enormous strains on livelihoods, individual well-being, healthcare systems, the viability of firms and

World Views | When is equal pay day for white women?

Every year, the American Association for University Women marks Equal Pay Day, illustrating how far into the new year women would have to work to make as much as men did the

World Views | The business case for vaccine passports

  Once people have been vaccinated against Covid-19, they’re safer to dine out, fly on airplanes, attend concerts and movies, work out at the gym, go to the office, cross borders

World Views | Blackstone puts too many chips on a $6.2 billion casino bid

It’s not hard to see why Blackstone Group Inc. would see value in the stricken Australian casino operator Crown Resorts Ltd. The private equity firm, which is offering to take over the operator

World Views | The US military must get serious about domestic extremism

  Among the unsettling revelations about the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is the number of rioters who served in the military. Of the more than 300 people so far charged with

World Views | To win over Asia, talk trade

  President Joe Biden is showing he understands that Asia matters. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited Japan and South Korea this week — their first trips abroad

World Views | There’s not a lot of bull in China’s markets and investors are frustrated

Investing in China’s $10.7 trillion stock market is a frustrating business. Over the years, the bull phase has been getting shorter and narrower, making buy-and-hold a losing game. From trough to

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