Made in Macao | Mid-Autumn Festival taboos

Friday the 13th is Black Friday, but this coming Black Friday should be a little bit less “black” because it is also the Mid-Autumn Festival, “Chong Chao,” one of the

World Views | The rule of law finally prevails over US ‘watch list’

In an important constitutional decision, a federal district court in Virginia has held that the government must give people on the Terrorist Screening Database, better known as the “watch list,” the

Our Desk | Sandal revolution

Does Macau’s weather bother you? Have you ever heard about “Hong Kong foot?” Hong Kong foot, athlete’s foot, tinea pedis, or ringworm; choose the name you are most familiar with. “Athlete’s foot

Tax Matters | Updating the Macanese Tax Legislation

Generally speaking, the Macanese tax legislation is out of date. It is somewhat understandable that the Government does not feel the need to update the existing tax statutes, since Macau

Bizcuits | Our students: a shocking waste of resources

I have long advocated international students be permitted to work in Macau during their studies, and although that stance has not changed, the geo-political situation has, and strengthens

World Views | Time to unlock the Brexit relief fund

If the U.K. parliament can’t clean up the Brexit mess, it might be time for Europe to start spending instead. The economic impact of a worst-case no-deal Brexit

Macau Matters | Cashless Macau Revisited

In January and December of 2016 I wrote a couple of articles about how Macau should be proactively going cashless. Unfortunately, not much seems to have happened since then,

Our Desk | It is the Ministers, not the Ruler

World history has taught us that on many occasions, I would even risk saying on most occasions, governments rise or fall not because of the ruler and primary

Rear Window | Courtesy call

Now it is completely official. TUI acknowledged the easy to tally 400-vote small-circle method to select the new Chief Executive. 392 of the 400 happened to cast their

Kapok | What benefit of the doubt?

One should always be entitled to the benefit of the doubt, and this applies to everyone, weak or powerful, rich or poor, anonymous or famous. Such was my

Made in Macao | The most beautiful of times

We are currently in the period of 處暑 (Cyu Syu) End of Heat, of the solar terms, and today also ends the Ghost month. Soon we enter what

World Views | Modi gets real on the economy

India’s economic numbers have for some time looked better than the facts warranted, feeding an overconfidence in New Delhi about the country’s prospects. Thankfully, that’s begun to change.

World Views | At the G7, Trump is one of the popular ones

Donald Trump is an unpopular president. According to the  But as the president meets with leaders of the other G7 countries in the French resort city of

Bizcuits | Digital Divisions

As the first generation of parents to grapple with the influence of ever-present mobile digital devices on our children, we might be cautious about Jose Pereira Coutinho’s call

World Views | Trump trolls the Nordics. They troll him back

Donald Trump’s  Since his election as president, Trump has needled every Nordic nation except Iceland (though his son Eric reportedly had an abortive  Trump first trolled

Macau Matters | Crowd-sourced data collection

Premise ( is a recently formed data collection and analysis company based in San Francisco. It plans to recruit, and pay, large numbers of people to use their

Our Desk | Sit back, relax, and enjoy more choice flying

A new airline, Starlux Airlines, had been approved to fly between Taipei and Macau, as reported yesterday by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News. Since it is a new

World Views | Trump’s yield curve panic prompts trade-war overture

It only took a small taste of what a U.S. recession might be like for President Donald Trump to suggest that he wants a trade deal with China

Made in Macao | The End of Heat

In my last article, I wrote about one of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms in August, 立秋 (Lap Cau) Autumn, which commenced on the 8th of August. This time,

Animal Farm | Predicting our inflation is not difficult!

Predicting our inflation is the simplest thing in the world, provided you have minimal knowledge of these skills, of course. My model is simple and does not even

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