Sino-Arab spirit of solidarity will carry forward

China and Arab states enjoy a long history of friendly exchanges. But their relations are now the best they have ever been, the two sides having nurtured a

Goodwill should be turned into actions for trilateral cooperation and exchanges

Even those trying to sow discord among the three neighbors in recent years cannot deny the fruitful outcomes of the first Trilateral Summit Meeting of China, Japan and

External support for radical separatist a dead-end

To uphold the one-China principle and the sanctity and authority of relevant United Nations General Assembly resolutions, China has decided not to approve the Taiwan island’s participation in

Has Xi really changed his mind on housing and consumption?

A few recent policy initiatives suggest that China is changing its economic priorities. To halt an unprecedented property downturn, Beijing is asking local governments to buy unsold homes with cheap

Pets give companionship, cuddles, joy – and unavoidable stresses

Owning a pet can be a roller coaster. There are the highs, like when your dog greets you with a full-body wiggle when you return home, or when

Whatever support secessionists get, ‘independence’ ain’t going to happen

By announcing a new round of sanctions on three US companies for their involvement in arms sales to China’s Taiwan island on Monday, Beijing has sent an unmistakable

What is China’s $138 billion bond bazooka aiming at?

China selling  These offerings are special in that the government can use them for any purpose. They are not part of the fiscal deficit, so they

Washington breaching its legal commitments

For a long time, the United States has openly claimed that preserving the “status quo” across the Taiwan Strait is in its, and every stakeholder’s, best interest. In

Biden unwisely dons the mantle of ‘tariff man’

When asked at a news conference in Stockholm whether they support the European Union following the United States in slapping punitive tariffs on Chinese electric cars, along

When is it and how is it celebrated around Asia

The birthday of the historical Buddha or Shakyamuni Buddha, known as Vesak in several countries, celebrates the birth of the child who became Prince Siddhartha around the

Illiberal democracy in India and the West turning a blind eye

India is the “largest democracy in the world” (970 million voters in the current elections). According to the Democracy Index 2023 by the unsuspecting Economist’s Intelligence Unit, India

Hungary and China working together to raise their ‘homecoming’ relations to new heights

The “welcome home” greeting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban extended to visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping upon his arrival at Budapest Airport on Wednesday night highlights the friendly

China’s housing mess finally comes for Xi’s own

A third year into an unprecedented housing downturn, China’s President Xi Jinping seems to be finally getting worried, prompting speculation of quantitative easing and fueling a bull run

Behind the Hong Kong market’s fast and mysterious rally

All of a sudden, the mood in Hong Kong seems to have shifted. The $5.2 trillion stock market is on its longest winning streak since 2018, with

Russia dependency on China, war and peace in Europe

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a significant shift in Russia’s positioning. Part of this repositioning stems from the theories of “Russian exceptionalism,” deeply imbued with the

Sino-French ties bridging East-West differences

Pandas are a rare species found only in China. But the West first learned about the panda through French missionary Armand David more than 150 years ago. This

Artists created images of Christ focused on reflecting different communities

In 1915, Norwegian artist Emanuel Vigeland, one of the most respected Scandinavian artists of his time, created an image of Christ with golden hair and fair skin.

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at 200: A revolutionary work of art

In early 1824, 30 members of Vienna’s music community sent a letter to Ludwig van Beethoven petitioning the great composer to reconsider his plans to premiere his latest

Good Sino-French past offers great future

Over the years, France-China relations have been steadily improving. The announcement that the Chinese leader will pay a state visit to France in early May amid one of

High interest rates aren’t going away anytime soon

The U.S. Federal Reserve held interest rates steady at its May 1, 2024, policy meeting, dashing the hopes of potential homebuyers and others who were hoping for a

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