World Views | Vietnam breaks out of the Covid tourist trap

  Vietnam is pulling ahead in the race to reopen Southeast Asia to city-hoppers and sunseekers. International arrivals were down 98% in May from a year earlier, after a record 2019. Yet success in containing the coronavirus

World Views | Hong Kong bull market found dead in a posh flat

  Hong Kong’s finance industry is thriving from the great divorce between the U.S. and China. Billion-dollar initial public offerings are on the horizon again, as New York-listed mainland companies seek a second home.

World Views | Take China’s US farm threats seriously, not literally

If you’re haggling over the price of goods at a market, there often comes a point when the buyer threatens to walk away. It’s up to the seller to decide

Our Desk | ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going’

This quote by Sir Winston Churchill flashed into my mind when I was about to write this piece. If it’s necessary to explain why I have picked it, read on. This

World Views | Twitter-Trump spat signals new chapter for social media

  It was a momentous week for social media. After years of trying to have it both ways, Twitter — one of the industry’s major platforms — moved to hold President

World Views | China isn’t using its currency as a Cold War weapon

  The deterioration of U.S.-China relations is fast and furious, with Washington throwing out accusations of unfair trade practices, unlawful technology transfer and an early cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed over

World Views | There’s far less bang in a Huawei ban now

  It’s easy to ban a product that’s difficult to get your hands on anyway. That’s why Britain’s possible move to impose a stricter ban on Huawei Technologies Co. seems opportunistic, even if it

World Views | The more Covid-19 vaccines, the merrier

  The way the Covid-19 crisis ends is with vaccines — not a vaccine. More than one horse can win this race. Some of us might end up getting a shot of

Our Desk | Getting international with our people

In the aftermath of Covid-19 (if I can say so) there are a lot of lessons we can take from common people and various conversations. Contrary to popular belief, I advocate

World Views | NASA should beware of viruses from outer space

  This summer, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration will launch a rover designed to collect samples of the Martian surface and store them until they can eventually be brought back

World Views | Moderna vaccine whiplash demands better disclosure

  Interpreting drug trial data releases is difficult in the best of circumstances. And usually, it’s just a problem for the subset of investors who focus on the sector. In the

World Views | How to make coronavirus restrictions easier to swallow

  To address the coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential to influence human behavior; to promote social distancing, to get people to wear masks, to encourage people to stay home. Many nations have imposed mandates

Our Desk | Masks are scarier…

I am not here to disagree with, disapprove of or disrespect those who wear facemasks. Wearing a facemask is within everybody’s rights: their right to make a choice, their right

World Views | Google and Twitter are right. Workers should stay home

  The more I read and hear about what offices will be like as they reopen, the more dystopian it sounds: empty desks, no meetings, everyone keeping their distance from one another. I

Opinion | Rising to challenges

  The novel coronavirus has become a catalyst for change. Shocking death tolls and severe economic headwinds have compelled countries and world leaders to reflect on the state of our multilateral

World Views | Vast numbers of unemployed will undermine China’s recovery on NPC’s watch

  Millions of Chinese people are being thrown out of work by the collapse in global demand and a slow restart of the domestic economy. A lack of clarity about exactly

World Views | Reinventing holidays for the coronavirus era

  The world’s biggest package-holiday company has given a glimpse of what vacations will look like as long as the novel coronavirus remains a potent health threat. Say goodbye to the all-you-can

Opinion | As Macau bans annual Tiananmen Massacre exhibition, Hong Kong should be wary of China exporting censorship

China’s Communist Party is continuing to export its repression of free speech. After more than 20 years of photographic exhibitions and vigils recounting the 4 June 1989 Tiananmen Massacre in

World Views | Students can’t afford to take the whole summer off

  Having slogged through weeks of unevenly administered distance learning, schools in the U.S. are preparing to shut down for the summer. Amid the stress of the pandemic, students, teachers and

Our Desk | To give or not to give

The ongoing petition for non-resident workers to also receive the 3,000 patacas e-voucher has reached nearly 2,800 signatures as of press time. The petition was started to call on the government

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