Editorial | Chief puzzle

Heavyweight politician Edmund Ho made a rare and strong public appearance last week in a checks and balances convenium of Macau representatives’ work at the “two sessions” of

Kapok | Images speak louder than words

Upon return from Beijing, Macao’s political heavyweights staged a highly official debriefing conference highlighting key points from their study trip and their studious participation in what is commonly

Made in Macao | The forgotten customs of the Spring Equinox

Today marks the Spring Equinox (뉴롸 Chun Fan), the 6th of the 24 solar terms of the year, which is one of the feasts that is

World Views | When you die, it won’t be an egg that killed you

When the news broke last week that a new study has nutritionists again claiming eggs are unhealthy, I considered whether I needed to recant a 2016 column. There,

World Views | Hong Kong’s taxi fleet ages in real time

The South China Morning Post recently published an analysis of the 210,000 licensed drivers of Hong Kong’s iconic taxi fleet. Those Toyota Crown sedans are a venerable design,

Rear Window | The deciding factor(s)

As we have said before in this column, and we will say it again, apparently all relevant central political tips are vouching for a Ho Iat Seng to

Bizcuits | Labour protection: No value in values

Macau residents would not have been surprised by the Times’ exposé (Special Report March 8) of the conditions our most vulnerable workers are at times forced to accept.

World Views | Asset managers are leading britain’s Brexit exodus

The prospect of leaving the European Union has forced Britain’s financial community to make expensive preparations for life outside of the trading bloc. Whatever happens on March 29

Macau Matters | Personal data in Macau

I won the trifecta and have all the first world fat old men medical conditions – high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type II diabetes. For winning this

Our Desk | The State of Education and vice-versa

As an educator by training, and as a father, I have always nurtured both a significant interest in, and a concern for, education. When I first arrived

Tax Matters | Stamp duty refund – The case of the promissory agreements for real estate transactions

Let us imagine the following scenario: an individual is interested in purchasing an apartment for sale in Macau. The real estate agency prepares the promissory agreement for the

Bizcuits | Death and other ways to motivate

Take a Master of Business Administration course, any under-graduate business degree or work-place leadership seminar and you will come across many theories on how to motivate employees.

World Views | Smart fiscal discipline is overdue for a comeback

The Congressional Budget Office recently released its revised Budget and Economic Outlook. Its economists estimate that, on present policy, annual deficits of a trillion dollars — between 4

Made in Macao | Insects Awaken

Today, the 6th of March, is a special day this year. It was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, and the beginning of abstinence and fasting for Christians.

World Views| Three things trump can do to keep economy humming

President Donald Trump promised to hit 3 percent growth in 2017 — and the economy just barely made it, according to figures released last week. To keep it

Rear Window | Sailing charted waters

Kitesurfer Hillian Siu had to postpone her pioneer friendship vol across the Pearl River Delta, from Cheung Chau Island in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to the

Kapok | What has been will be again

Not everything is about arithmetic, far from it, as Macao’s Chief Executive election clearly shows. If numbers were all that matters, elections in Macao would seem

Girl About Globe | Clean air, no bull

Here’s an idea. Macau could have a hotel called The New Zealander Macau. No casino. Just hills, cable cars and thermal pools – all indoors.   

Macau Matters | A Tale of Several Pizzas

When teaching, I am a firm believer in starting with the “big picture” and only then looking into various details. For learning to be meaningful and relevant to students

Our Desk | Mandarin or not?

I am pretty sure that not every single French citizen wants tourists to go to France and speak French to them. At least some people have a good

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