World Views | Germany doesn’t really want an EU army

For all the recent transatlantic debate about creating a joint European army, Germany has little interest in setting up any kind of supranational force under the EU’s command.

Girl About Globe | For edition 11 of 11.11, expect lychee scones

In years to come, Singles’ Day might feature The Tmall Tearooms. An ‘Olde Sweet Shoppe’, and ‘Hosier & Draper’ could be among shopkeepers. Buyers would have to queue

Macau Matters | To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I grew up fascinated by the clockwork mechanical systems of our industrial world and studied systems engineering at university, but hated the seemingly meaningless, messy complexity of biology.

Our Desk | Best can still be bad

Recently, a male principle official from the local government said that Macau is the top city based on the social welfare resources the government provides to children with

Tax Matters | The offshore revocation

It was recently made public that the Legislative Assembly of Macao just approved a bill (generally subject to further internal discussion) aiming at revoking the Macanese offshore regime.

Bizcuits | A story on your dinner plate

Lily died in a 4WD accident earlier this year. Her coming of age 21st birthday would have fallen on Mother’s Day. Instead, the day marked the

Made In Macao | The creative yet destructive force of food apps

To quote Nietzsche, “If a temple is to be erected, a temple must be destroyed.” Such is the reality of economic innovation. As the world of

World Views | There’s one way to tackle Facebook and Google

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, with the wealth of information available on the internet today, to go back to the nice village feel of the web’s earliest days, when it

World Views | The big short’s Eisman has a point about Brexit

Money manager Steve Eisman famously predicted the 2007-2008 blowup of the mortgage debt bubble, one of the few to believe that such a “black swan” event was possible. A

World Views | Obamacare has managed to survive, but can it thrive?

November is here, and in most U.S. states that means the start of open enrollment, the sign-up period for obtaining insurance via the U.S. Affordable Care Act’s exchanges.

Kapok | The art of irrelevance

Let’s be honest, mumbling half-hearted speeches full of empty promises year after year borders on art. More so when you happen to be an accidental

Girl About Globe | Hallowmornin’after. Spooky-pretty it ain’t.

November 1st is much better than Hallowe’en. Today, it’s ok to have hair that could scare and makeup smudged across your face. Hallowmornin’after is a female grooming holiday.

Macau Matters | Reducing the urban heat island

It has been observed all round the world that cities are substantially hotter than their surrounding countrysides; this is called the Urban Heat Island Effect, eg Central London

Our Desk | Macau: Under terror attack

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the right time to panic. Macau is currently under a silent “terrorist attack” that is making (innocent) victims all over town. No,

Rear Window | Y-shaped dreams

Sooner rather than later, the special structure/engineering work of art currently known by its simple and dry descriptive of “Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge” will get a much more deserving

Bizcuits | A bridge devoid of humanity

This week the Bridge opens and the head of the Macau Liaison Office dies: the first was to fanfare – long awaited and yet abruptly – and the

Made in Macao | Why is chrysanthemum wine auspicious?

The Chung Yeung Festival 路陽節, one of the main Chinese festivals of the year, took place one week ago. Two years ago I wrote about how

Our Desk | A new name

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge – thankfully abbreviated to HKZMB or just HZMB – will finally be inaugurated today after many delays, cost overruns and construction-related controversies, heralding an

Rear Window | Blowing off some steam

Since Denis Papin’s digester everybody knows that you cannot manage a pressure cooker without something to let off some steam …whether screamingly high or low pitch! This technical

Kapok | Political will

Back in December 1997, the Kyoto Protocol was designed as an international agreement — no less — that was supposed to bind 192 parties (191 states) in committing

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