China Daily | China, Pakistan committed to eliminating regional terrorism

  Recently, there have been a number of attacks on Chinese nationals in Pakistan, which is a matter of grave concern for Pakistan as well as for China. While China is rising

China Daily | To reach agreement, a friend needs to only make one visit

  In a bid to create the impression that China is isolated in the region, the Joe Biden administration announced Vice-President Kamala Harris would visit Singapore and Vietnam late last month

World Views | Schools can reopen safely – an epidemiologist describes what works and what’s not worth the effort

  Just when schools were getting ready to reopen for the new school year, cases of COVID-19 started surging in the United States, driven in large part by the more contagious

World Views | Rapport key to Afghan peace

  The international media have been taken aback by the swift takeover of Kabul by the Taliban following the withdrawal of US forces from the country after almost 20 years. It

World Views | Viral questions on Covid

  What is being done to distribute COVID-19 vaccines globally? Several groups are working to get shots to poor countries, but they’re falling far short of what’s needed to curb outbreaks around

World Views | Afghanistan only the latest US war to be driven by deceit and delusion

In Afghanistan, American hubris – the United States’ capacity for self-delusion and official lying – has struck once again, as it has repeatedly for the last 60 years. This weakness-masquerading-as-strength has

China Daily | Chinese companies must tread with caution when investing abroad

  Despite becoming the top source of foreign direct investment last year, China is a newcomer to the world of investment and still has a lot to learn in the field

China Daily | Masks essential to cut transmission chains

That every individual wears a mask in public is the first line of defense to cut the transmission channels for the novel coronavirus. The importance of wearing a face mask

World Views | The Internet Archive has been fighting to keep what’s on the web from disappearing – and you can help

This year the Internet Archive turns 25. It’s best known for its pioneering role in archiving the internet through the Wayback Machine, which allows users to see how websites looked

World Views | Orwell’s ideas remain relevant 75 years after ‘Animal Farm’ was published

Seventy-five years ago, in August 1946, George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” was published in the United States. It was a huge success, with over a half-million copies sold in its first

China Daily | Booming trade reflects steady recovery

In a sign that China’s economy is recovering well from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s total foreign trade, exports and imports all hit record highs in the

World Views | Millennial Money: Ready for results? Find a mentor

  As your financial and professional lives become more complex, going it alone will only get you so far. We all need advice, encouragement and a sounding board from time to time.

World Views | Why more intense storms and flooding are expected

  The world watched in July 2021 as extreme rainfall became floods that washed away centuries-old homes in Europe, triggered landslides in Asia and inundated subways in China. More than 900

China Daily | Imperative that socializing and trips be cut

  China announced 62 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, raising the total number of existing domestic infections to 1,285 nationwide. With the tracing of close contacts of the confirmed cases to

China Daily | Vaccination drive needs a shot in the arm

  Another 71 locally transmitted COVID-19 infections were reported on Tuesday, showing the worrying speed of the virus’ spread. Meanwhile, an investigation into the earlier infections in Jiangsu province has found that

World Views | What are dark patterns? An online media expert explains

  Dark patterns are design elements that deliberately obscure, mislead, coerce and/or deceive website visitors into making unintended and possibly harmful choices. Dark patterns can be found in many kinds of sites

China Daily | False claims that China is laying a debt trap in Africa

  In 2020, while documenting the Abuja integrated transport project, which includes the metro, intercity railway and the Abuja airport, and is handled by China Civil Engineering Construction Corp, I read

China Daily | First line of defense must be reinforced

The cluster of novel coronavirus infections at Lukou International Airport in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, which has been the fuse for the outbreak of Delta variant infections across the country, has

China Daily | Better too much than too little

  The tragic loss of dozens of lives in the floods in Zhengzhou, capital city of Henan province, has taught the whole country a hard-learned lesson of the need to be

China Daily | Hong Kong will resolutely uphold rule of law

  In the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s first conviction under the National Security Law in effect in the region, a panel of three judges in the High Court found the

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