Why TikTok is being banned on gov’t phones in US and beyond

The United States is ratcheting up national security concerns about TikTok, mandating that all federal employees delete the Chinese-owned social media app from government-issued mobile phones. Other Western

TikTok target of anti-China paranoia

The furor in the United States over so-called Chinese spying, sparked by the Joe Biden administration’s botched response to an errant Chinese meteorological research balloon, has been given

China’s growth key driver of world recovery

One of the biggest fillips to the global economy this year will be the strong rebound in China’s economy thanks to the country adjusting its COVID-19 response after

US animosity toward Russia root cause of Ukraine conflict

Any proposal that fails to address the root cause of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict will not bring an end to the fighting and secure a comprehensive, just and

When there are no words: Translating wartime trauma in Ukraine

On the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one thing is clear: The destruction the war has wreaked upon Ukrainians over the last 12 months is so

Position paper will point to Global Security Initiative as solution for hotspot issues

Since senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi told the Munich Security Conference on Saturday that the Chinese government would issue a position paper on the Ukraine crisis there has

Why users are falling hard for an app that raises serious ethical questions

The warm light of friendship, intimacy and romantic love illuminates the best aspects of being human – while also casting a deep shadow of possible heartbreak.

Washington’s risky imprudence in Straits

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael Chase has reportedly arrived in Taiwan for a visit. If reports about the senior Pentagon official’s trip turn out to be

‘Guardrails’ mustn’t be at cost of Chinese security

Wang Yi, director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, had “an unofficial engagement” with US Secretary of State

Safer world requires saying no to hegemony

With the hostilities in Ukraine showing no signs of abating and geopolitical tensions increasing on multiple fronts, Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi’s keynote speech at the Munich Security

China’s Economy and Foreign Trade in 2023

China’s relevance in international trade has been steadily increasing. In addition to its major import position in commodities, the increase in disposable income, especially of the urban middle

Hysteria on full show in the Hollywoodly hyping up of nonexistent espionage threat

The United States is living its dream. Well a Hollywood one, at least. Defending itself from an invasion by UFOs. A US fighter jet shot down an “unidentified

Spy balloon drama elevates public attention, pressure for the US to confront China

Seven days after a Chinese spy balloon began drifting across the United States, the U.S. military downed it with a single missile. But the balloon, in a

China’s economy and domestic demand in 2023

Notwithstanding the Chinese CDC’s Domestic demand stemming from household spending was severely constricted in 2022 due to blockades and travel restrictions. There are expectations of a

Why is a love poem full of sex in the Bible?

Many Americans have heard the expression “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine” – in fact, a quick Google search turns up myriad websites offering wedding

DPP stands in way of cross-Straits exchanges

The meeting between Wang Huning, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, and visiting Hsia Li-yan, vice-chairman

New green barrier built for self-interests

The visits French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire and his German counterpart Robert Habeck paid to the United States earlier this week were another appeal to the US

China’s economy and investment in 2023

Based on the assumption that by the end of Q1 2023, the zero-covid policy would be phased out in China, several relevant international banking groups ( What

Sports betting apps’ notifications encourage more and more wagers – why some people get hooked

Joe is a full-time college student who also works some nights as a security guard. He played basketball all through high school and loves to follow

Australia can set a positive example

It is encouraging that Australian Minister for Trade Don Farrell acknowledged that trade and investment has always been “part of the bedrock” for relations between Australia and China

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