Bizcuits | The Bridge and other symbols

Whether they be the most monumental, mundane or just plain, products and artefacts that we interact with each day hold meaning, even those that are hardly noticeable. A door

Made in Macao | City of romance?

Lately, I saw some advertisements referring to Macao as the City of Romance. I guess being a City of Creative Gastronomy is not enough to bring in the

World Views | Donald Trump should stop misusing the military

With Congress refusing to provide USD5.7 billion for his wall on the Mexican border, President Trump has said he may fund it with money diverted from the Defense

Our Desk | My BIR (Macau ID) is better than yours

Forms of discrimination are a constant topic all over the world for the most varied of reasons. Whether based on skin color, political views, gender, religion, nationality or

Rear Window | Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit

It was again that time of happily be the recipients of the Lotus and the other Merit Awards… honoring those individuals, and entities, whose contributions latu sensu to

Kapok | Opaque and unaccountable

How many times have you heard the assertion “information is power”? Then, if politics is not only understood literally or even figuratively, and yet, on the conservative side

Girl About Globe | Tinder for Sofas

You need something soft in your life. Something welcoming at home. For Netflix and chilling. You turn to online options. You swipe. You swipe more. Something catches your

Macau Matters | The hidden tragedy of suicide

I was recently reading that, in general, suicide rates are falling in most parts of the world. Reflecting on this issue, I feel that suicide in Macau may

Our Desk | On increasing festivals and events

The recent Macao Light Festival was said to be in demand, thus the Macao Government Tourism Office extended the event in order for tourists and residents to further

Bizcuits | Political activism in baking bread

It was many months ago, but it has been sitting uneasily on my mind. A close associate had been developing skills and knowledge of baking bread and

Made in Macau | Into the ‘Cold’

Sometimes keeping track of dates on the calendar becomes quite confusing in this part of the world. Especially in January when we are celebrating the beginning of a new

Rear Window | Coming of age

At first glance, we would not dare to say that MSAR was clearly roaring its engines and taking the fast lane to race towards its 20th anniversary in

Bizcuits | Time: the Christmas gift

Christmas 2018 marks the year we sent nothing to landfill. Ten family members sat down to Christmas dinner of ham (honey-glazed with assistance from the bees

Girl About Globe | ‘Fish and Ships’ law, please.

Fish provide an alibi for doing nothing - ‘Gone Fishing’. They comfort us after a broken heart - ‘plenty more fish in the sea’. And they help us

Views on China | How China risks trashing its amazing growth story

In a recent column, I observed that by many measures, China is the world’s largest economy. This means a number of benefits will now flow — and indeed

Made in Macao | Another kind of Winter Solstice celebration

Aside from making this day a public holiday, the importance of Winter Solstice (Dongzhi) has often been downplayed in recent days. We all know that Winter Solstice is

World Views | China needs a new commitment to economic reform

Forty years ago, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping launched the most dramatic economic transformation in history by encouraging his countrymen to “emancipate” their minds and “seek truth from facts.”

World Views | May’s delaying tactics are making Brexit worse

It’s unclear what U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May hoped to get from leaders of the European Union at their recent summit. As things turned out, she got less

Tax Matters | Competitive tax advantages of the Macau SAR

The Macau tax system has a lot of competitive advantages vis-à-vis other territories that people, especially international economic groups, do not yet seem to be fully aware of.

Kapok | Yellow is the new red

In a recent op-ed published in the South China Morning Post, renowned blogger Jason Ng draws an instructive parallel between the on-going Yellow Vests Movement

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