Kapok | The great delusion

Looking at the Macao news these days, a careless reader might conclude that the upcoming Chief Executive election set for August 25 appears to be significantly more competitive

Made in Macao | The Moderate and Great Heat of July

These days, it feels terribly hot in Macao. But we are only in the period of Siu Syu 鬼嵌 (Moderate Heat), of the 24

Animal Farm | An exercise of Patriotism?

The two-year Chinese sovereign bond issue in Macau will be a good exercise to see how far patriotism will go. I hope I’m not running the risk of

Tax Matters | Tax measures against real estate speculation

Since 2011, the Macau government has adopted several measures against property speculation to improve the existing supply of housing, both for purchasing and rentals. Such measures have almost

World Views | What if the 2040 presidential litmus test is veganism?

Suppose that in the coming decades, Americans have a moral awakening with respect to the consumption of meat. Suppose they conclude that eating meat is a grievous

Bizcuits | Foreign, dark-skinned, female and thoroughly exploitable

Even though the draft bill to set a statutory minimum wage of MOP32 per hour has been accepted this week in the Legislative Assembly, it continues to divide

World Views | Amazon’s Alexa wants to hear about your migraine

The idea of turning to Amazon.com Inc.’s gaffe-prone Alexa in a medical emergency has always seemed to be a bit of a sick joke. YouTube is

Macau Matters | A comedy of errors

To fulfill some family commitments, my wife and I flew to the US on a recent Sunday morning. To avoid the pain and stress of getting up at

Our Desk | The sudden ‘new vitality’ of Ho

The former president of the Legislative Assembly (AL) Ho Iat Seng is widely considered the most likely next Chief Executive (CE). The first to publicly acknowledge that

Monday, July 8, 2019 – edition no. 3327

* Ho Iat Seng gears up for Chief Executive run * Tens of thousands take message to mainlanders * A senior tourism official has said that a proposed tax would be set

World Views | Red, white but rarely blue – the science of fireworks colors, explained

In the earliest days of the United States, John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail about the celebration of independence, “It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with

Made in Macao | Fall in love to lose weight

Nowadays, we hear the phrases “I have to lose weight” or “I am trying to lose weight” almost every day from people around us. From 200 pound six-feet-tall

Animal Farm | The challenges  of Ho Iat Seng

Ten years ago I wrote “The Chui Sai On Challenges” as follows: “Continue, improve, simplify, anticipate and innovate … During these ... years of activity of

Our Desk | On rape talk stigma in the city

The two cases of rape of minors reported by the Judiciary Police yesterday can be described as nothing short of appalling, especially as one of the little girls

World Views | Trump-Xi deal may founder on a patent lack of trust

Is there any hope that the fast-decoupling U.S. and Chinese governments can resolve their trade dispute, and inject a bit of pep into the weakening global economy? Yes

Bizcuits | Fields of Green…

I dream of a day when all the casinos in Macau have edible gardens on their expansive roof-top real estate. I have voiced this only once

World Views | G-20 gives Trump a chance to clarify his Iran policy

When President Trump arrives at the Group of 20 summit in Osaka on Friday, many of his peers will want to discuss bilateral crises with him: China’s Xi

Macau Matters | Troubles with Pork

I am a bit surprised that I have not heard about rising pork prices in Macau. But, I loathe all kinds of shopping, including for food, and we

Opinion | The bitter contest for China’s online shoppers

Carrefour SA, Europe’s largest retailer, may be the latest Western company to pull back from China. It’s unlikely to be the last. Over the past few years,

Our Desk | Setting examples, not just uttering words

August is around the corner. Is Macau well prepared to embrace all the smells and colors of trash? Macau’s recycling spirit should start being developed

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