World Views | The new right is beating the new left. Everywhere

Sometimes political revolutions occur right before our eyes without us quite realizing it. I think that’s what’s been happening over the last few weeks around the world, and

Our Desk | A blind eye to ‘modern slavery’

Over a week ago, Amnesty International described the exploitation of domestic workers in Macau and Hong Kong as modern slavery – a shameful description of something that is

World Views | China just doesn’t want to be like the West

Theories abound for why the U.S.-China trade talks collapsed into stalemate, from misplaced overconfidence on the part of Beijing to President Donald Trump’s calculation that a tariff fight

Bizcuits | Talent outside the box

A few years ago, Ernst & Young, the fifth largest recruiter of graduates in the UK, removed from their employment criteria the requirement for a university degree. It

World Views | What helps prevent dementia? Try exercise, not vitamin pills

If you want to save your brain, focus on keeping the rest of your body well with exercise and healthy habits rather than popping vitamin pills, new guidelines

World Views | Ground Zero for the US-China rivalry

The Even before  Despite this, the U.S. has a trump card: the power of the dollar; its use a benchmark for the relative value of Asian

Rear Window | Ho by himself

Now it is for real and definitive that political heavyweight Ho Iat Seng is running solo, unopposed and undisturbed, up the for confirmatory procedure of the small-circle selection

Kapok | Killing them not so softly

True: United Nations agencies or “bodies” can be confusing, especially when their names are long — the more specialized they are the longer the name — and the

Made in Macao | Weighing on the ‘Start of Summer’

The 6th of May marks a new solar term in the Chinese agricultural calendar. We are currently in the term of 접謳Lixia (beginning of summer). As

Opinion | Criminal trials in Macau: A perplexing experience

Can you picture a referee wearing football boots and goalkeeper’s gloves awarding a penalty kick, shooting the ball and running to the goalposts to save

Macau Matters | A Shenzhen Adventure

A Hong Kong friend was my recent tour guide to visit some high, medium and low end furniture centers in deepest, darkest Shenzhen. I got up very early

Our Desk | We need more ‘third-instructed’ people

A couple of weeks ago a newsroom co-worker expressed her feelings in this very column, talking about what she (forever) termed the “local sore losers.” Although I

Tax Matters | The Hong Kong-Macao CEPA

According to the “one country, two systems” principle, China encompasses three separate customs territories – Mainland China, and the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions. From an

Bizcuits | Dignified Selfies

As part of his state visit to China, the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has come to Macau and, with a lingering flash, gone.

Animal Farm | Writing in water, again?

1. I wrote in one of the local newspapers late January that lower economic growth, as measured by GDP growth, was usually a sign that inflation could be

Rear Window | Hard to call it an election

Apparently, the slow boat that will take Ho Iat Seng to replace CE Chui Sai On at the end of the year has set sail smoothly and will

Kapok | The spire hiding the temple

While presiding over a regular meeting of the Cultural Heritage Council last week, Alexis Tam, the secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, grabbed the opportunity of the genuine

World Views | China’s great pig pandemic should worry all of us

It’s a familiar and ominous story. A deadly pathogen with no known cure begins spreading in China. Rather than acknowledge the problem, officials throughout the Chinese government shut

Macau Matters | America’s real crisis – opioid overdose deaths

The February 23rd issue of The Economist contains a very sobering article about the opioid crisis currently unfolding in America. This problem can be effectively modeled as a

Our Desk | Online Media: Legalize or shut them down

The boom of the Internet, and mostly the striving Era of the Social Networks has brought up the phenomenon of the so-called “online media.” Although the definition

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