Caterer association to subsidize outlets on back end digitization

Eligible local food and beverage (F&B) operators, when digitizing their back end operations, may receive a subsidy of 80% of the cost with a cap of MOP12,000, the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau announced.
The application period for the subsidy will be from May 17 to 31.
Chan Chak Mo, president of the association, revealed that the project has a budget of MOP2 million. He estimated that it will be able to cater to a maximum of 150 F&B outlets.
The scheme is co-administered by the Macao Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre (CPTTM) and the Economic and Technological Development Bureau.
Although the association’s head did not reveal the anticipated demand for the scheme, Chan said that if the program attracts more outlets than the association expects, it will negotiate further measures with the government.
Encouraging outlets to apply for the subsidy, he explained that back end digitization is beneficial to the operation of F&B outlets.
According to Chan, digitization improves management operations, saves staff time and simplifies consumption. Through back end digitization, he hopes that the industry will be able to upgrade service quality and competitiveness, as well as boost economic recovery and sustainability.
Digitizing back end operations, a key aspect of which is the automatic placement of electronic orders, will allow businesses to compile data on the consumption habits of their customers.
Director-general of the CPTTM, Shuen Ka Hung, noted that businesses will bear at least 20% of the cost for the digitization. Moreover, outlets will need to request quotes from one of the three accredited system suppliers.
Shuen added that outlets that which have already digitized their back end operations can also apply for the subsidy to upgrade their systems. AL

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