CE denies new public housing plan ‘a show’

0311072014During an inspection tour to the reclamation zone A last Friday, chief executive Chui Sai On claimed that the area’s housing plan adjustment is solely a response to public demand.
Meanwhile, the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works, Lau Si Io, also refuted having said that the previous works on the planning of the reclamation area have been rendered useless because of the new policy direction.
On Thursday the Executive Council had announced the plan to build 28,000 public housing units and 4,000 private residential units on the reclamation zone A.
When being asked about the connection between the announcement regarding zone A and the fact that he is seeking re-election, Chui Sai On asserted that the two are not related.
“I have to take this chance to tell everyone that I am devotedly serving the residents of Macau as the chief executive before my tenure ends on December 20, 2014. I will not put on a show for my re-election. I want residents to know the reason and for whom we make adjustments to our works. [The adjustment] is [a response to] the demand for resolving the housing issue and the needs of residents,” he said.
“I have not thoughts about putting on a show for my re-election. It is also not my usual practice. Frankly, residents will make judgment on my performance in the future. If there are problems, we will acknowledge them and resolve them. But this [announcement of zone A planning adjustment] is [an opportunity] for residents to express their opinions on whether they will accept it, [it is to see] whether there has to be more [units] or it is already sufficient,” Chui Sai On added.
The CE reiterated that residents can express their opinions on the adjustment, including the area’s population density, that he deems as appropriate. “We have explained in the previous press conference that the density is not very high and is acceptable for public housing… Comparing to other regions in Macau, it is not surprising that maybe we can build even more.”
Mr Chui said that the government will provide more comparative analysis to the public to determine whether the proposed population density is too high.
Moreover, the CE promised that there will be enough facilities and proper traffic arrangement in the reclaimed land to support the community. “We will allocate resources to support the development of [zone A through constructing enough] traffic and social facilities, as well as providing economic condition and employment opportunities.”
The administration announced the plan to build 28,000 public housing units and 4,000 private residential units on the reclamation zone A. Secretary Lau Si Io claimed that the CE has discussed the new zone A plan with his department. Nevertheless, he stated that the idea belongs to Chui Sai On.
The secretary did not agree that his colleagues’ works regarding the planning of the future reclamation area has rendered useless, claiming that all the plans are for residents and fulfill their demand. “The goals are all the same. It is only that, following the economic and social development in the recent years, adjustments are needed in many issues in order to match the requirements.”
He said that the government will reconsider the planning of other reclamation zones following the announcement.
Lau Si Io also refused to comment on the feasibility of the new zone A plan, saying that the issue will be left for his colleagues to handle.

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