CE willing to present universal suffrage views to Beijing

Chief Executive Chui Sai On is willing to share Macau society’s views on universal suffrage with Beijing. Having unveiled his candidacy for the upcoming election yesterday morning, Chui Sai On told reporters that – in order to review the current political system – there is a need to provide the central government with a proposal.
“As Chief Executive, I am willing to listen… Once there is a consensus, I am happy to present these opinions to the central government. To review the political system, we have to present a proposal to Beijing, [as ultimately] it is the central government that decides [on the implementation of universal suffrage] – this is clear.”
Three activist groups announced recently that they would be staging an unofficial referendum on universal suffrage in Macau.
Replying to a reporter in yesterday’s press conference, Chui Sai On reiterated the population’s rights to express opinions, and guaranteed that he is willing “to hear people’s voices.”
Chui Sai On stressed that he hopes people can express their views in a peaceful manner: “People can demonstrate, organize parades or [conduct] other forms [of protest], but all of these have to be organized in a peaceful manner.”
Also emphasizing his will to talk with demonstrators, the Chief Executive said that it is time for the government to engage in self-criticism, and to assess the wrongs and rights of its governance.

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