Chinese celebrity Guo Meimei arrested for WCup illegal betting

Guo Meimei, a 23-year-old celebrity who became notorious on Chinese social media for showing off her luxurious lifestyle, has been arrested in Beijing after illegally betting on the World Cup.
According to Chinese media, a photo she had recently posted on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Facebook), featuring her gambling sheet and lamenting that she had just suffered a huge loss, might have led to her arrest.
Her gambling habits weren’t a secret, as she had previously published posts regarding a USD42 million gaming debt racked up in Macau. Last July, she paid off half of the debt, promising to pay the rest in installments.
Police authorities revealed that Guo Meimei was allegedly part of a gambling group that comprised of seven other members.
Guo Meimei rose to fame in 2011 after posting on social media photos of several expensive gifts, consisting mainly of jewelry, cars and designer clothes, and stating that she had received them in her role as a senior manager within the Chinese Red Cross. However, it later emerged that she had no affiliation with the humanitarian organization, and Chinese media link the gifts to her relationships with wealthy Chinese men.

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