Cinematheque to kick off Almodóvar showcase

Cinematheque Passion is showcasing a series of films by Spanish Pedro Almodóvar as part of its first “Director-in-Focus” series this year.

To be held from February 16 to March 3, the program will showcase 13 of the director’s works, including Oscar winners All About My Mother (1999), Talk to Her (2002) and Volver (2006). The six female cast ensemble shared the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival.   

Almodóvar is highly regarded as one of the most important directors in contemporary Spain and Europe. His films are marked by the use of strong colors, radical mood swings and sidesplitting humor.

Speaking to the Times, Rita Wong, CEO of Cinematheque Passion said that the festival aims to bring a younger audience to the venue.

“Every year, we try to introduce and bring in [films] for “Director-in-Focus”. I think Cinematheque is trying to project more vibrant images and more energetic films because there are so many classic directors [but] we want to show more in the Cinematheque language, which is bold, young and vibrant,” Wong explained.

“From the very beginning of his first film to the latest, it’s all colorful and in terms of the language, stories and people, it’s all very different. […] We also wanted to have colorful visuals and characters to [celebrate] the New Year,” she added.

The program features the films Julieta, Dark Habits, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Law of Desire, High Heels, Live Flesh, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, What Have I Done to Deserve This?, Broken Embraces, Talk to Her, All About My Mother, Bad Education and Volver.

To kick off the festival, Cinematheque Passion invited local artists to perform Spanish songs, in line with the theme of its festival. 

A talk titled ‘Make Room for Pedro Almodóvar: The Unorthodox Genius of Spanish Cinema’ will be given by Hong Kong film critic Ka Ming.

To be held at the screening room of Cinematheque Passion on February 17, the talk explores Almodóvar’s work and his storytelling with the audience.

Detailing the plans of the cinema for this year, Wong said that it will hold some eight film festivals this year, with the next one to be held in late March to April – also kicking off its anniversary.

“In May, we will have a Macau-themed [festival], showcasing local movies [along] with a film shooting competition as well,” said Wong.

During the summer, it will also hold its key festival – a festival on local documentaries, which is on its fourth edition.

“I think last year we had 40 documentaries in this session. The local government funds young filmmakers in making documentaries so we want to showcase more of these and their possibilities so they can learn and know what is going on in the documentary-making world,” she added. 

Meanwhile, Wong also added that they are working towards boosting the local film scene by regularly presenting films, particularly local films.

This month, Cinematheque Passion will present three sold out sessions of locally- produced and directed film “Sisterhood” by director Tracy Choi.


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