Consumption subsidy to roll out from Monday

Funds for the consumption subsidy will be deposited into registrants’ mobile payment accounts or available for consumption card top-up from as early as Monday.
Residents who registered yesterday or earlier and whose registration has been verified by the government will receive their funds from Monday.
There will be a MOP5,000 activation fund and a MOP3,000 discount fund. They can be used together from June 1 for purchases of certain goods and services.
When registrants receive the transfer of funds to their mobile payment accounts, they will receive a notification either as a text or a prompt message.
Residents registering from today will see their verification results in the form of text message. Should their registrations be verified, they will get the funds and the verification notice simultaneously.
Extra verification at mobile payment service providers is needed for persons registering on behalf of other residents.
Consumption cards can be topped up at more than 170 service points across the city.
From 9 a.m., May 7 to 6 p.m., May 18, more than 350,000 residents have registered for the subsidy; among them, 150,000 chose mobile payment and the rest the consumption card. AL

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