Cooperation Zone | Hengqin offers subsidies for Macau workers and businesses

Macau residents who work full time in Hengqin are eligible for a subsidy of up to RMB12,000 for not more than 36 months and a one-time bonus of RMB50,000.

In a document issued by the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, Macau residents with a bachelor’s degree can receive RMB7,000, those with a master’s degree can receive RMB9,000 and those with a doctoral degree, RMB12,000. 

The subsidy, according to the document, aims to “enhance the benefits for Macau residents” in the cooperation zone, as well as encourage employers to recruit Macau residents for employment. 

The subsidy, under the zone’s “Interim Measures for Supporting the Employment of Macau Residents in Hengqin,” also allows new employees from Macau an employment subsidy at the rate of RMB5,000 and the cumulative benefit will not last more than three years. 

Macau professionals who provide services in fields including architecture, planning, design and Chinese medicine, may apply for a one-time subsidy of RMB50,000 to RMB100,000 for their first business registration and set-up in the cooperation zone. 

Also, Macau residents who have registered an enterprise in the cooperation zone which has been in normal operation for three months, who act as the business’ legal representative, hold more than 50% of its shares, , and who go through employment registration according to the regulations, will be given a one-time entrepreneurial subsidy of RMB50,000.

 Macau residents who participate in domestic vocational skills training and obtain vocational skills grade certification and then go to work in the cooperation zone may apply for the Vocational Skills Improvement Subsidy. The subsidy standard of Guangdong Province will increase by 30%. A one-time reward of RMB2,000 will be given to Macau residents employed in the cooperation zone who have obtained international professional certification or a Macau vocational skills certificate.

Under the employers subsidy, for employers that employ Macau residents and conform to the industrial development direction of the cooperation zone, a subsidy of RMB30,000 per person per year will be given, and an employer who employs more than 30 Macau residents will receive a one-time superimposed bonus of RMB200,000. 

The subsidy period does not exceed three years. The maximum annual subsidy for each household unit may not exceed RMB3 million.

These measures are in accordance with the Employment Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China, the statement underlined.

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