Corporate bits | CTM spring dinner shows gratitude to staff

CTM held a spring dinner on Friday to express the company’s gratitude to its members of staff for their contributions in the past year. With the participation of more than 1,000 staff members, CTM celebrated the Year of Rooster.

CEO of CITIC Telecom Lin Zhen Hu, CEO of CTM Vandy Poon and Chairman of CITIC Telecom Xin Yuen Jiang expressed their   gratitude to all their employees for their hard work and contributions. They also expressed their hopes that their combined efforts would enable them all to move forward and grow bigger and stronger and to embrace all the opportunities the future could present. They also wished CTM a brilliant future for its 36th anniversary.

During the dinner, a special program called “Appreciation Culture” invited colleagues to share their experiences of positive attitudes and good deeds in the work environment through a video, to spread the positive energy of appreciation and to enhance the cohesion within the company. 

VW seeks to move beyond crisis

Volkswagen AG sought to draw a line under the diesel scandal that has locked it in crisis mode for more than a year, with sweeping restructuring efforts starting to take hold and profitability improving at the namesake car brand.

While Chief Executive Officer Matthias Mueller acknowledged yesterday that emissions lawsuits will continue to preoccupy the automaker for many years, he said the company is “back on track” and in a position to push ahead with tackling an “epochal shift” in the auto industry. Those initiatives could eventually include talks with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, with the German company now more open to strategic partnerships, Mueller said.

“Volkswagen needs to transform, not because everything in the past was bad, but because our industry will see more fundamental changes in the coming 10 years than over the past 100,” Mueller said  at the annual press conference in Wolfsburg, Germany. “It was clear to me from day one that we need to seize this decisive turning point to realign Volkswagen for the future.”

In addition to working through the scandal, Mueller has been loosening up Volkswagen’s rigid decision-making structure and pushing the manufacturer to tackle challenges posed by a shift to self-driving, electric vehicles. Last year, he set up Moia, which will offer ride-sharing and other mobility services. The group also plans to roll out more than 30 battery-powered vehicles by 2025.

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