Covid-19 | New vaccination center to open June 21

Given the increasing demand for vaccination among residents, the government has designated the Mong-Ha Sports Centre as a new inoculation site, bringing the total number of vaccination centers from 15 to 16.
Tai Wa Hou, coordinator of the Health Bureau’s Covid-19 Vaccination Operation, announced the news yesterday at the regular Covid-19 press conference.
The Mong-Ha Sports Centre is to commence its vaccination service using the Sinopharm inactivated virus vaccine from June 21. In the initial stage, the new station will offer a daily quota of 1,000 doses which can be ramped up to 2,000 daily should the demand exist.
The new vaccination center is a collaboration between the Health Bureau and Kiang Wu Hospital, Tai said.
Meanwhile, the government has increased daily inoculation quotas at the current 15 centers. Starting June 17, the quota for Macao Forum will be expanded to 3,000 per day, with its service hours also lengthened to operate from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. An extra 400 daily doses will be added to the quotas of the other 14 centers as well.
Following the extended availability of vaccination services, the government anticipates the current 15 stations can offer a total of 8,200 doses every day. This number can be further lifted to 10,000 after the Mong-Ha Sports Centre site comes into service.
When asked by the media about the current supply of mRNA vaccines, Tai again gave reassurance to the public that there is sufficient stock.
“There is no need to be worried about that. As we look into the figures, the local demand for inactivated vaccine has still been outperforming that for mRNA vaccines, with a ratio roughly at 85 to 15.”
However, the government will increase the supply of mRNA vaccines if needed.

DSEDJ offering assistance to cross-border students in Taiwan

To assist cross-border pupils and their companions, the Education and Youth Development Bureau has arranged a Covid-19 testing service at the Centro de Juventude da Areia Preta for those who help cross-border students commute daily.
However, the service is limited to one companion per cross-border student only. Companions must bear the cost of the test themselves.
In consideration of the Macau Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan will suspend operations from this Saturday, the DSEDJ has extended its hotline service hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to better assist Macau students residing in Taiwan.


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