CRIME | 19 year-old-woman sexually assaulted in building corridor

The Public Security Police (PSP) detained a 24 year old mainland bakery worker on July 12 after he was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman on July 2.
The victim was walking back to her home on Rua de Entre-Campos in the San Kio region at 5 a.m. When she came to the stairs on the second floor of her building, the light suddenly went off and a man held her from behind. The woman claimed that the perpetrator touched her breasts and kissed her face and neck.
After resisting the assault and shouting for help, the woman was freed from the man’s restraint. The perpetrator then fled from the scene and the victim was unable to catch him after a brief chasing.
The victim suspected that the man had been following her before she arrived back at her building. However, she was unable to detect him because she was listening to music.
PSP later examined the evidence they had gathered and successfully targeted a suspect.
On July 12, PSP officers were able to spot the suspect cruising on the same street where the previous crime had taken place.
When the police tried to intercept him, the man began to run but was later caught.
The man has admitted to committing the crime on July 2. The victim was also able to recognize him in the identification parade.
After investigating the case, PSP believes that the man had planned the assault beforehand and was skilled and calm when committing the crime. Therefore, the authorities believe that it is not the first time he had committed this type of crime.
PSP has called on residents to report sexual assault cases to the authorities so that criminals cannot assume that they can get away from their criminal acts without bearing the consequences. It also asked females to be vigilant.
In a separate case, PSP has detained a man for possession of a prohibited weapon. The authorities received a report on July 12 at 3.13 a.m. that claimed a man was holding a knife on Estrada de Ferreira do Amaral.
Officers later found the detainee standing next to a sedan and shouting at the two people sitting inside the car. When checking the man’s identification documents, officers found him to be of a suspicious nature and asked to conduct a search on him. They then found two knives on his waist.
The driver of the car claimed that the man had called him and asked to borrow MOP1,000 but he had refused and there were verbal altercations between the two through mobile phone messages.
Later, when the driver and his companion were getting into his car, the suspect suddenly appeared and walked towards his car with a knife in his hand. The driver said he called the police because he was scared.
The detained man, on the other hand, claimed that he was insulted by the driver after trying to borrow money from him earlier. He then saw the driver’s car and became furious. As a result, he went to his girlfriend’s house and took the knives before going back to the scene. The detainee claimed that the knives were for self-defense because he was worried that the driver was going to assault him. JPL

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