Crime | ‘Fortune tellers’ family accused of scam

Three family members, a father and two brothers, have been caught by the police and accused of practicing a “fortune telling” scam, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) revealed during a press conference this week.

The case occurred on October 26 when officers on patrol spotted two men of Indian nationality behaving suspiciously in the Rua de Xavier Pereira.

The officers decided to follow them and observe their actions. They spotted them trying to approach people on the street, then entering several shops only to leave a few minutes later.

Questioning the shopkeepers, the officers realized that the men were offering “fortune telling” services in exchange for payment.

One of the shopkeepers said she had communicated with the man, who apparently told her some facts about her future life, and asked for MOP100 in exchange.

In another case, a shop staff member was said to have given MOP1 to the man, who tried to bargain for more money but was unable to do so due to language barriers.

After speaking with several shopkeepers, the police acted and detained the two men for questioning.

Eventually, the police found out that the two men were in fact brothers and a later inspection of the house where they were staying revealed a third male, the father of the first man, who admitted to also dedicating himself to the same activity.

They were presented to the Public Prosecutions Office on October 27 under the charge of conducting a scam. RM

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