Crime | Man accused of theft by finding of mobile phone

A 61-year-old man from the Philippines, who is in Macau as a non-resident worker, is being charged with illegally appropriating a mobile phone that he found on a street bench, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) reported yesterday during the regular joint police force press conference.
On January 5, the mobile phone owner, a 49-year-old Filipino woman, met a friend at Rua do Campo and sat on the street bench located in the surroundings of the pedestrian flyover.
After a short conversation with the friend, she left the location only to realize a few minutes later that she had left her mobile phone behind. Upon returning to the location, she did not find the phone.
The next day, she reported to the PSP that the phone had been lost at around 3:35 p.m. the previous day.
Reviewing the footage from street surveillance cameras, the PSP found that a few minutes after she left, a man who was passing by saw the phone and took it.
The PSP was able to identify the suspect and took him in for questioning on January 8 around 12:35 p.m.
The man admitted to the police that he had taken the mobile phone, adding that he was not aware that such action was a punishable crime under Macau law.

Man found peeking in ladies’ room
A 33-year-old local resident is being accused of a privacy intrusion after being caught peeking over the separator of a restroom in a restaurant located at Rua da Bacia Sul in Fai Chi Kei district.
According to the victim’s report, a woman in her 20s spotted a man peeking from above the compartment wall while she was in the restroom cubicle. The man immediately fled the restroom and the restaurant, but the woman chased him down the street and was able to capture a few photographs of the suspect before losing him.
She then reported the case to the PSP and handed over the photographs she had taken.
Making use of the street surveillance cameras, the PSP saw the man enter a residential building, and searched the building until they found him.
When taken into questioning, the man refused to cooperate with the PSP and remained silent without providing any explanation for his behavior.
The case has been forwarded to the Public Prosecutions Office to charge the man with an invasion of privacy.

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