CRIME | Man accused of raping mentally disabled woman

João Pedro Lau

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has detained a 23 year old local who allegedly forced his former girlfriend, who has a mild mental retardation, to have sexual intercourse.
PJ information suggested that the victim started working in a hotel in Taipa in September last year, where the detainee was also an employee. They later became a couple.
In October and November 2013, the man allegedly lured the victim back to his home and had sex with her without the victim’s consent, although she did not resist.
In February this year, the man was alleged to, once again, lure the woman back to his apartment where he raped her, despite the resistance from the victim.
The authorities also alleged that the man had taken the victim to a quiet spot on Rua de D. Belchior Carneiro earlier this month and attempted to have sex with her there as well. The victim resisted but was eventually raped again.
The authorities claimed that, without proper knowledge regarding sex, the victim only went to her mother after the latest rape had taken place and complained about feeling unwell. Her mother then asked her about it and the victim finally told her about all the alleged sexual assault that had occurred.
The victim and her family then went to PJ and reported the crime on July 25. The authorities arrested the suspect on July 28 at his workplace. He has admitted to committing the crimes and has already been handed over to the Public Prosecution Office (MP).
Separately, the Public Security Police (PSP) has charged a man with disobedience after breaking into a government residential unit and continuing to live there.
Information suggested that a Housing Bureau (IH) official was conducting an inspection on July 26 when he found a man in an apartment in Edificio Vai Long on Avenida da Longevidade, and hence asked the PSP for assistance.
The apartment was supposed to be taken over by the IH. The IH staff suspected that the detainee had invaded the apartment without permission.
He later told PSP officers that, during his inspection, he found the window of the apartment, which should be sealed with bricks, to be broken.
Officers then saw the detainee wandering inside the unit and demanded he exit the apartment. However, the man refused and officers warned the man that he would be charged with disobedience if he ignored the order. However, the man still insisted in staying and refused to answer any questions.
Since the main door of the apartment was also sealed, the officers had to wait until technicians from IH arrived at the scene and opened the main door.
The authorities then entered the unit and again asked the man to leave. However, he claimed that the unit belonged to him and refused to comply with the order.
He also admitted to have broken the sealed window with a wooden board the night before.
PSP officers then took the man back to the station for further investigation. They found that the detainee had already broken into and lived in the apartment multiple times between 2012 and this year without the approval of IH.

sa finds ivory in coloane

The Macau Customs Service (SA) found 112 ivory items with a weight of 39.4 kilograms at Long Chao Kok in Coloane yesterday afternoon. SA information suggested that officials were patrolling on a vessel when they saw a suspicious speedboat attempting to approach the shore near Long Chao Kok. SA followed by dispatching its fast boats to chase it but the suspicious vessel escaped into mainland water territory. In their search onshore, SA found a blue bag that contained the ivory items. They are currently stored in an SA facility. The authorities have yet to arrest anyone.

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