Crime | Man unhappy with renovation work stabs neighbor

A local man has been arrested after stabbing his neighbor because he was unhappy with his neighbor’s renovation project, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reported yesterday.

The suspect is a 45-year-old Macau local resident and the victim is in his 60s. Both men live on Rua da Bacia Sul in Fai Chi Kei.

The victim sustained injuries to his head, arms and other places on his body.

According to the PJ, in August of last year while the victim’s house was being renovated, the suspect, who lives one floor below the victim, complained about the renovation work multiple times, even damaging the door of the victim’s house. The victim reported the case to the police at the time.

However, on the night of June 3, the suspect, who was likely under the influence of alcohol, went to the victim’s house with a knife and caused the injuries.

This is not the first time the suspect has committed a crime. The police authority’s records show that he had previously been sentenced to several months jail time for drug consumption. JZ

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