CRIME | Third victim reports sexual assault by 78-year-old suspect

Kong Ngai (center) pictured during yesterday’s press conference

third alleged victim of the 78-year-old instructor of a local music and painting interest course has come forward, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reported late Wednesday night.

The individual wrote on social media that the suspect had sexually assaulted her eight years ago. She claimed she had reported the case to the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ), adding that the suspect had touched her inappropriately.

Yesterday, the DSEJ held a press conference to address the allegations.

Kong Ngai, acting deputy director of DSEJ, denied that the bureau had been aware of the most recent claims posted on social media. According to Kong, DSEJ initiated an internal information search immediately after learning about the claim, but did not find a relevant report.

However, DSEJ was aware of the case.  According to Kong, while DSEJ did not find any internal records, the bureau realized that there was an organization involved in the case and that student guidance personnel at the organization had contacted DSEJ previously.

In relation to whether DSEJ tried to cover up the case, Kong said that it is too early to make such a judgement, as the bureau has to protect the privacy of underage individuals involved.

Kong also called upon the victims of sexual assault cases to contact DSEJ.

The course instructor, a local surnamed Chan, was arrested earlier this week after sexually assaulting two female minor students aged 8 and 9 years old.

He has denied the accusations and claimed that he only adjusted the studying position of the students through normal physical contact. He also said that he had tried his best to avoid unnecessary physical contact.

Following the reports, DSEJ stated that it is monitoring the case and strongly condemns the suspect’s actions.

The bureau has contacted the organization and stated that it will actively provide support and assistance to the children and their families. 

The case has been transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office and Chan has been charged with sexual assault of children.

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