Cross-border bus service suspends operation amid new travel restrictions


Hong Kong-Macau Express has suspended its express bus service between downtown Macau and downtown Hong Kong as of Wednesday midnight, the company announced in a statement.
The service suspension is a response to both the Macau and Hong Kong governments’ latest entry policies. No service recovery date has been advanced.
The service travels between downtown Macau and downtown Hong Kong, using the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. It transports passengers to popular Macau hotels and integrated resorts and to Mong Kok in Hong Kong.
Meanwhile, another bus operator offering services between the two special administrative regions said it has strengthened the health measures to ensure the safety of its passengers.
HZM Bus, which operates a bus service known to the public as “Golden Bus” because of the color of vehicles in its fleet, has promised to clean its buses regularly, disinfect them after every journey and only fill vehicles to half-capacity to aid passengers in maintaining social distance.
Currently, HZM Bus staff measure passengers’ body temperature at the ticket gate. Passengers with a body temperature under 37.3 degrees will be allowed to board the bus. When passengers record a body temperature of 37.3 degrees or higher, or refuse to allow their temperature to be taken, the company will contact relevant local government authorities.
Additionally, to allow Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau government authorities to contact the passengers, all passengers need to complete the HZM Bus passenger information form before arriving at the ticket gate.
HZM Bus staff will check the information on the form at the ticket gates. Passengers are allowed to enter the boarding area once the form is verified as complete.
The form will be collected before boarding the bus. JZ

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