Defeated CE candidate Stanley Au endorses Ho Iat Seng

Stanley Au Chong-kit, who ran for Chief Executive in the 1999 election, has endorsed Ho Iat Seng, the first and so far only declared runner of the fifth Macau CE election. Au said that Ho is “a very good candidate” for the next CE. In Au’s opinion, Ho is an industrialist and has a shallow relationship with the real estate and gaming industries. Because of this, Au believes that Ho can better deal with Macau’s governance and corruption issues. He added that the election of Macau’s CE has always been an election for just one person.

One dead in car accident

A car accident in Cheoc Van has resulted in the death of one person. The victim, a local male resident (24 years old), was riding his motorbike. He was brought to hospital but was already pulseless upon his arrival. The accident took place on the road in front of the barbecue park in Cheoc Van around 11 p.m. on Wednesday. The Public Security Police Force  is calling for witnesses to provide information about the case.

Court maintains decision to recover two land plots

The latest decision by the Court of Second Instance supports the government’s decision to recover two land plots. The first land plot is located at the Rua dos Currais, occupying an area of 3,409 square meters. This land was outsourced in 1989 with a concession period of 25 years, which expired in 2014. The second plot is the C8 land plot of the Nam Van Lake plan, which occupies an area of 4,422 square meters. This land was outsourced in 1991 for 25 years, expiring in 2016. The government announced its recovery in 2018.

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