Disney Concert to sweep audience away with nostalgia for favorite classic songs

From left, clockwise: Steffanie Leigh, Storm Lever, Krysta Rodriguez, Anneliese van der Pol

Disney Princess – The Concert is coming to The Venetian Theatre from tonight until Sunday to serenade Disney local audiences with Disney princesses’ greatest hits.

The concert features an award-
winning cast of Broadway stars who have all performed in various Disney productions, and will showcase such popular songs as “Let it Go,” “A Whole New World,” “How Far I’ll Go,” “Colours of the Wind,” and “Almost There.”

Local fans will enjoy performances from Anneliese van der Pol, known for her role as Chelsea in the 2003 sitcom That’s So Raven; Krysta Rodriguez, best known for her roles as Ana Vargas in the NBC series Smash; Steffanie Leigh, who made her Broadway debut as Mary Poppins in the Disney Broadway musical Mary Poppins; and Storm Lever, who will play Anne Boleyn in the 2023-24 Broadway Production of Six the Musical, beginning December. 

Also on the stage will be Aisha Jackson, who made history as the first black woman to play Anna in the Broadway adaptation of Frozen; Adam J Levy, who is currently in Broadway’s Moulin Rouge; and Benjamin Rauhala as the show’s music director.

For the first time in forever, Macau audience are in for a musical performance that has larger-than-life animation and theatrical effects accompanying the music that will immerse the audience in pure Disney magic.

The singers have revealed to the Times that this is the first time all 13 Disney Princesses plus the two queens Anna and Elsa will be represented in a single production.

Disney Princess – The Concert will be staged at The Venetian Theatre tonight until Nov. 12.

Macau Daily Times (MDT) – Tell us about the upcoming concert. What’s in store for the audience? Can you give us a sneak peak of what’s about to come?

Steffanie –This show is a giant celebration of all things Disney Princess! This is the first time all thirteen Disney Princesses plus our two queens Anna and Elsa are represented in one show. The music is performed by four of Broadway’s leading ladies. We all share our own love of the Princesses and the effect they have on our lives and careers. We also share stories of what it is like to be a Broadway performer. We even bring along our own Prince to help us with all those classic romantic tunes. And of course, we have our magical music director leading us through the evening.

Storm – One of the many magical things about Disney, is it speaks to us at any age. The audience will be swept away in the nostalgia of their favorite classic Disney songs. We feature a song from every single Disney Princess. Our magical musical director, Benjamin Rauhala, has arranged some of the most beautiful four-part harmonies to some of your favorite songs that breathe new life into these classics that we’ve all loved for generations.

Anneliese – Our show is a magical, nostalgic good time! It’s for anyone from the ages of 6-100 and we mean that. Truly there is something for everyone to love.

MDT – You will be performing all of the best Disney songs. Are there any vocal arrangements that are unique to this show?

Storm –Truly every song in the Disney catalog is a hit. But our show focuses specifically on the princesses. We take a deep dive on what makes these women unique and worthy of celebration. And we learn through their songs that it’s their courage and strength that makes them admirable. Alone, these songs already tug at our heartstrings, but Benjamin Rauhala’s arrangements breathe new life into these songs while also honoring the original score and maintaining the integrity of the music. Add Broadway vocals to the songs and you have the magic that can only be found at Disney.

Anneliese –There are so many unique vocal arrangements in this show. But my all-time favorite is a medley of “All Is Found” and “Into The Unknown” from Frozen 2, which has been beautifully arranged by Benjamin Rauhala, as well as the most luxurious and lush version of “Just around the Riverbend.”

Krysta – Our music director, Benjamin Rauhala, has created so many unique arrangements for this tour. We have four powerhouse singers who are star performers in their own right but there’s a special magic when we all sing together in four-part harmony.

MDT – What are your thoughts about being able to perform in Macau? Are there any expectations you have of the audiences here? Are you excited to explore Macau?

Storm- I’ve never been to Macau and it’s a wonderful opportunity to visit. Visiting the Ruins of St. Paul and the Macao Museum have to be top priority on my “to-do” list. I always try to make my way to an art gallery or show of some kind when visiting a new city. We are so grateful to the city of Macau for welcoming us and embracing our artistic expression. In turn, I believe it’s important to prioritize finding local art and supporting local artists during our visit. It’s a great way to instantly feel connected to the cities we visit.

Krysta – I’m very excited to be visiting and performing in Macau. It’s my first time here and it really adds to the magic of the experience when we’re in a new place. I hope we get audiences who love Disney, and are ready to be inspired, surprised, and willing to sing along.

MDT – What is your favorite song to perform in the show and why?

Steffanie – Right now, I love singing “Just Around the Riverbend.” I remember belting that song out in the car when I was growing up with my best friends, windows down, wind blowing in our hair. Flash forward and here I am singing the same song in a stunning new arrangement in four-part harmony with my friends traveling all across the world. It feels like a full circle moment.

Storm – I think “Beauty and the Beast.” Ben’s arrangement is simply stunning.

Anneliese – Probably the “Beauty and the Beast” medley I get to sing, just because the role of Belle is so close to my heart.

Krysta – I love singing “Into the Unknown!” It’s such a powerful, driving song and the harmonies are so interesting.

MDT – You have performed to a varied global audience. How does the audience reception differ around the world?

Steffanie – I am constantly surprised by how similar the audiences are all across the world. Perhaps it is because the music of Disney transcends culture and time and evokes something very human in all of us – our desire for wonder and magic, imagination, and awe.

Storm – Everyone loves Disney. It’s nice to see how far the reach of these films has extended, and that the message of these movies have struck a chord with people from so many different walks of life. Like us, these princesses crave community in a world where they often feel like outsiders. They yearn for a place of belonging and go on a journey of self-discovery. I smile ear-to-ear every night when I see how many people have come together to revel in pure Disney bliss together. These songs are our unifier, giving us community and helping us connect to a special part of ourselves.

Krysta –Every audience is a little different, but the common thread is a universal love for Disney music. It’s been a joy to witness how, no matter where we go, everyone knows and loves the music and can sing along.

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