DSAL to follow up on construction site victims

The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) says that it will follow up on compensation arrangements for the victims of the Galaxy construction site scaffolding collapse.
The scaffolding collapse happened around 4 p.m. on Tuesday while seven mainland workers were clearing an elevator shaft. Three mainland workers died and four others were injured in the accident.
The DSAL expressed its condolences to the victims, and said that it would assist the victims to claim compensation for injuries incurred while on duty.
After the accident, the DSAL advised the relevant contractors to suspend all works.
The bureau further stated that it would only allow the responsible contractor to resume construction works after it has submitted an investigation report on the accident and improved work safety measures.
In addition, the bureau plans to carry out a thorough investigation to learn about the causes of the accident.
Should the bureau discover any violation of the city’s construction safety and hygiene regulations, it will impose penalties on the relevant entities.
The bureau has also scheduled promotional and education programs for other workers at the site. JZ

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