Elegant garden party

Inspired by sumptuous entertainment practices from France known as “Fête Champêtre” during the 18th century, an elegant garden party awaits at Four Seasons. 


Splash Lawn at Four Seasons Hotel is indeed a beautiful and dreamy venue for a gathering amongst friends and family. To create a refined party for the sophisticated few, the culinary team meticulously designed a lavish menu to satisfy discerning palates. 

With the influence of rich French heritage in gastronomy and aristocratic nuances behind the concept of “Fête Champêtre,” the menu includes a selection of classics such as “Pâté de Foie Gras” served on brioche and perfectly baked “Coquilles St. Jacques” topped with garlic and Gruyere cheese for an extra layer of umami characteristics. 

For those with a sweet tooth, a taste of “Éclair au Chocolat” is sure to delight with its nutty intensity and abundance of cocoa flavours. On the other hand, “Madeleines au Citron” pleases with its simplicity and a hint of acidity.

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