Employee receives no compensation after workplace injury

A former employee injured in a carwash accident has criticized the company involved for failing to provide him with compensation, after he suffered a head fracture in the accident.

Reynante Casuga, a former colleague of Raymond Tagacay, whose left leg was amputated due to the accident, said he had not heard from the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) since he filed a complaint against his employer.

Casuga went back to the Philippines in May due to pain that occurs whenever he bends his head.

“I resigned because although the medical report [back in November] states that I am fit to work, after a few months I started to feel pain in my head whenever I bend and it’s difficult to continue to work,” said Casuga.

Casuga said that he filed a complaint with the DSAL against his employer, citing several issues such as overwork and the refusal of the employer to provide days off.

According to him, his wage would be deducted if he applied for sick leave or a rest day.

“We had no pay slips. Every time we received our monthly salaries, we were asked to sign a paper, then we would withdraw an amount of [between] MOP1,500 to MOP2,000 from our [bank accounts] to give it back to them,” he accused.

Casuga further explained that his post check- ups following the accident were paid by him, and that the employer had only reimbursed such expenses once, which amounted to about MOP150.

“They took all the receipts, but I didn’t get anything back,” he added.

According to him, he was given MOP31,000 by his employer when he resigned, as his contract was supposed to end on August 10.

He claimed that he was forced to sign documents that he did not understand before he received his salary from May to August, which he supposed were documents to be submitted to the DSAL.

Casuga also noted that until now, he had not received any updates from the Philippine Consulate General regarding the medical benefits or compensation that could be claimed under the Philippines’ Overseas Workers Welfare Administration program. LV

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