Entertainment | ‘Elekron’ show to debut Dec. 14

Frederic Winckler

Studio City Macau’s new entertainment show “Elekron” is set to debut on December 14, the organizers announced yesterday at a media event held at Studio City’s Event Center.

Presented as the “world’s first all-electric indoor theatrical stunt show” and held at the Event Centre, the show promises a 75-minute-long ride of emotions and an adrenaline rush, following the path created by the “House of Dancing Water.”

The show is produced in collaboration with the entertainment company Stufish. The company has organized events such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, and created stage designs for musical stars such as Elton John, Madonna, Jay-Z, U2, The Rolling Stones, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

During the media event, the chief marketing and brand officer of Melco Resorts and Entertainment, Frederic Winckler, said, “it will be all-electric. Why? First because it is the future! But also because from today we going to prove that being responsible does not have to be boring anymore. We will continue to offer our guests more world-class experiences that they won’t get anywhere else, not just in Macau, not just in Asia, but in the world!”

“Elekron is aiming to bring a whole new audience, not just here to Studio City, but to Macau,” Winckler said, adding, “we are building icons for Asia here in Macau.”

In the words of Melco’s marketing chief, one of the secrets to their entertainment success is the company’s partnerships with creative and talented teams, including their new partnership with Stufish.

One of the show’s highlights is that the action will be very close to the audience. “I know there will be people watching this show with their heart in their mouth because these guys and girls do one thing on one, two, three or four wheels that challenge gravity and common-sense. All things that you shouldn’t try at home,” said Winckler.

The chief executive officer and design director of Stufish, Ray Winkler, said that the company “is no stranger to the city, neither the region.” He noted that Stufish has a studio based in Hong Kong and an extensive portfolio in China.

Aspect of the show

“We understand logistics, we understand art, we understand architecture and together will all our collaborators, we create memories for millions of people,” Winkler said. “Over 70 percent of world’s population has seen Stufish’s work in some shape or form, either by attending live performances or seeing events in the media.”

According to Winkler, the show is the product of the top quality work of the selected team and the joint efforts of the company’s staff from Macau to London. “The extraordinary efforts of our team here in Macau, Hong Kong and London are fused together in a blend of cutting-edge technology with high-end stunts” that pair with an “international cast of 36 people from different countries, including some Guinness [World] Record-holders, who will demonstrate some daredevil and breathtaking stunts.”

There will be a cast of over 150 people paired with 70 specially transformed electric-powered vehicles to create the show.

The organizers also announced that in order for the show to come to life, the arena had to be transformed. Safety barriers were installed and the backstage area was transformed to accommodate the vehicle charging station and a permanent garage.

All the vehicles were designed from scratch and are powered by Tesla motors’ custom-designed control system. The show will premier December 14 and will run until March 31 next year. Tickets will go on pre-sale from November 30.

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