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Eric Moo and Ella Chen to perform at MGM Theater

This summer, MGM will welcome two figures in the music industry – ‘Love Song Master’ Eric Moo and ‘Pop Diva’ Ella Chen — to the MGM Theater on July 20, 2024.  

This is their inaugural joint performance on the stage.

Eric Moo, a celebrated figure in the Chinese music industry, made history as the first Asian artist to be honored with the “Excellent Artistic Music Award” by the American Billboard.  His repertoire of beloved classics, including “Too Silly,” “Shouldn’t Keep You Waiting for Too Long,” “I Can’t Feel You,” and “Heart Breaking Love Song,” has encapsulated many of our youthful memories.  

Ella Chen initially known as a member of Girl Band S.H.E, rose to fame across Asia with her humorous and straightforward personality, along with her warm and magnetic voice. Since embarking on her solo career, Ella has achieved great success in various fields such as performing arts, hosting, and singing.  

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