Exhibition showcases ‘raw’ bridal shots

A photographic installation titled “St. Lazarus Brides” is currently being showcased at Albergue SCM, presenting a total of 30 portraits taken with an iPhone 4 between 2015 and 2018.

The photos, which were taken by Vera Paz, have been captured on the streets of the historic St. Lazarus district, at locations including the Church of São Lázaro, Adro de São Lázaro, Rua Nova de São Lázaro, and Rua de São Roque.

According to Paz, her interest in the concept began when she witnessed a bridal shoot in Kowloon, thinking it was a movie scene.

Thus, Paz began her project, taking shots of tourists and residents having their photos taken around the vicinity of Albergue SCM.

According to Paz, who does not consider herself a photographer, the project was more of an interest and a collection rather than being intended as an exhibition.

“I do not consider myself as a photographer, I am not. It is just interesting to capture the raw shots of what is happening behind the [final product] of these bridal shoots,” she said.

The exhibitor explained that none of the photos that are currently showcased at D1 Gallery Albergue SCM are photoshopped, nor were the photographs edited by any other software.

The installation portrays the bride and groom as “real” characters, in unusual and unexpected moments between staged poses.

Organized by the Cultural Association d’As Entranhas Macau, the exhibition has a soundtrack of classic romantic and contemporary music ranging from the 1940s until now and features captions that detail love languages.

The exhibition will run until October 24.

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