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Exploring heritage

This month, Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau showcases the cultural heritage of authentic Taishi dishes. Cantonese restaurant Palace Garden will present a Taishi Dinner Menu.

Prepared by Chef Ken Chong, a disciple of Qing Dynasty’s Master Jiang Taishi, a variety of classic Cantonese dishes are made through an ingenious interpretation of royal Cantonese cuisine that is on the verge of disappearing.

Chef Chong has carefully designed a Taishi Dinner Menu that embraces the spirit of “perseverance with tradition and innovation,” promoting distinct features.

The menu utilises Master Taishi’s secret recipes, offering four rare Taishi dishes and three classic Cantonese dishes paired with special eight treasures Zhuangyuan tea, and can also be matched with a variety of wines selected by Grand Lisboa Palace’s Head Sommelier to create a unique gastronomy experience.

The four Taishi dishes include the Classic Chicken Testes Pudding & Barbecued Pork Loin and Foie Gras, Soft-shell Turtle braised with Pomelo Skin in Duo Roes, Palace Garden’s signature Premium Partridge Bisque, and Fish Maw and Pork Stomach sautéed with Olive Kernel. 

Inspired by imperial gardens, Palace Garden’s design, décor and art celebrate the magnificent Chinoiserie period of China’s trade history.

The main dining room is dominated by a beautiful mural of Suzhou silk embroidery on one side and the other etched with storied illustrations from “Dream of the Red Chamber” a gold-coloured glass wall.

The five private dining rooms showcase a selection of beautiful scenery from royal gardens with furniture and tableware exquisitely designed in that theme, adding to the palatial-level dining occasion of the Taishi Dinner Menu.

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