F&B | Flavors of Penang showcased at the Feast

The intense flavors of Penang have arrived at Feast International Buffet Restaurant at Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central this summer with a limited-time special “A Night in Penang” menu.

While every state in Malaysia has their own style of curry, the buffet promises authentic curry dishes from Penang specifically in a bid to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the northwestern state’s culture and cuisine.

The menu showcases Penang’s culinary heritage and features a selection of dishes prepared by a culinary team from Penang and a celebration of durian varieties, including the famed MuSang King.

It features signature dishes such as asam laksa, Penang nasi kandar (Indian curry rice), Georgetown dim sum, satays, Hokkien hae mee (prawn noodles), gurney drive rojak (a Penang interpretation of fruit salad) and colorful Nyonya desserts.

Durian lovers will be able to indulge themselves with eight different durian varieties on offer at Feast’s all-you-can-eat outdoor “durian farm” offering the famed MuSang King, succulent D24, bittersweet “Red Prawn” D175, aromatic XO, silky sweet D13, golden sweet D101 and more.

“We call this buffet ‘A Night in Penang,’ as the food that is presented here is usually found in street food areas in Penang,” said Chef Murs Saipuddin.

“We have here the famous dishes from Penang and Malaysia, and there are also a few Malay chefs that are here [to assist],” he added.

Durian connoisseurs can also take their passion a step further and order the renowned MuSang King durian for extra MOP 258 per kilogram.

Penang, a state in the northwest of the Malaysian peninsula, has a colorful heritage with British, Indian and Chinese influences, and is renowned for its streets peppered with colorful murals and sculptures on the walls of many colonial buildings. This melding of cultures has also made its way into the vibrant local cuisine.

To further immerse diners in Penang’s rich heritage, Feast is currently decorated with artwork inspired by the street art and eclectic architecture synonymous with the region, creating a truly Penang-inspired atmosphere.

The “A Night in Penang” menu will be available from tonight until August 11, from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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