Fire Services registered less calls in first six months of 2017

The Fire Services (CB) registered a decrease in the need for their services during the first six months of 2017, when compared to the same period of last year. The general decrease was quoted at about 4 percent, according to a press conference held by the CB at its Nam Van Headquarters yesterday.

According to the figures presented by the Fire Services Chief, Cheong Chi Wang, during the first six months of the year the CB registered 893 fewer cases (compared to the corresponding period last year) requiring their attention and action, which is the equivalent to a decrease of 3.84 percent.

From the range of services CB provides, the one that registered the most significant drop was calls to fires. In the first six months a drop of 84 or 15.5 percent was registered. Dropping less significantly were calls for ambulance services, which slipped by a mere 2.56 percent in the same period. This result was regarded by Chief Cheong as a “demonstration that our tasks regarding prevention of the abuse on the use of ambulances reached the expected outcome.”

The CB head also noticed that besides the significant drop in the assistance to fires, “in 76.64 percent of the cases there was not a need to use the fire hoses,” as the cases were already solved by the time the firefighters arrived to the scene or the size of the fire was too small and did not necessitate the use of such equipment.

Cheong also noticed that fire prevention performance has increased, with the number of preventive inspections on buildings said to have risen by 23.4 percent.

Regarding the operations of the CB, Cheong said that “following requests and suggestions from residents we are going to start sending an immediate-rescue motorcycle to the place of the accident.” The aim of this new service: the immediate dispatch of a vehicle and the respective rider will be to provide help as quickly as possible in serious accidents to shorten the intervention time. When necessary this service will be followed by ambulance attendance.

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