Food & Beverage | Aux Beaux Arts revamps menu with French classics

Chef Mario Gil

MGM Macau’s only French restaurant, Aux Beaux Arts, has revamped its menu, introducing its new chef Mario Gil.

The restaurant serves chic brasserie-style French cuisine in an environment reminiscent of 1930s Paris, yet this time, it also aims to create a more welcoming ambience along with its value-for-money menu.

Aux Beaux Arts kicked off its new menu recenlty. The new menu recreates the taste of conventional French classics for guests and boasts a range of “A Partager” (to share) platters including Seafood Flambé, which features a flamed Croizet Cognac, and Assorted Grill of meat from the US and France.

One of the restaurant’s specialties is its ‘Braised Beef Short Rib,’ as the tenderness of the beef is crafted by a special cooking method that requires two days to complete.

Aux Beaux Arts’ chef, Gil, told the press that the revamp of the menu is more aligned with the culture of the French restaurant.

He assured that while the restaurant offers dishes at a competitive price, it maintains its quality of products and services offered to guests.

Questioned how the restaurant would differ from the increasing number of French cuisine offerings in the region, the chef noted that although the restaurant still accommodates its affluent guests in its private room, Aux Beaux Arts also maintains its brasserie concept.

“We don’t have a fine dining approach. It’s price friendly and value for money. We try to represent brasserie,” he said.

“The menu is easier to read and understand. It’s not too confusing, and what you read is what you get but you get really good quality,” Gil assured.

The chef is also confident that the region would turn into a gastronomic city with the increasing high quality offerings of the region’s Food & Beverage sector.

The French restaurant has an open Wine Cellar for private gatherings, an area of the restaurant which houses a collection of more than 10,000 wines.

Aux Beaux Arts is also offering a three-course “le Diner” menu where guests are able to select one appetizer, a main dish and a dessert from the a-la-carte menu. LV

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